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The times for intro work good for me.

Also dropping this here to do with intro:

&skylight: oooooh
&skylight: i have an idea
&skylight: a really good idea for comm day
&skylight: !!
molamaxi: That's true, I mean Gardevoir to me is one of my favourites
&skylight: it is p good
&skylight: uhh okay so my idea was
&skylight: to introduce people
&skylight: two regs face off with their teams
&skylight: then one leaves the battle
&skylight: so a new member joins it
&skylight: and the same for hte other side
&skylight: therefore they're battling with the regs teams
molamaxi: ok and at one point would one leave
&skylight: the regs must cheer them on to win
&skylight: yeah
&skylight: and the regs need to support them/help them
&skylight: so it'
gunbladeoriginal left
&skylight: s like a hands on experience
&skylight: easier than just giving them your teams to work with lmao
molamaxi: seems like a good idea to me. I think you'd be saving time as well
&skylight: that's if we can get enough new people
&skylight: XD;

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