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    Hello and welcome to the Ribbon Syndicate challenge

    the challenge is about winning the super contest and enter the ribbon syndicate in the resort area.
    you need all the ribbons to get in there

    Here is some rules
    1. you may not use the 2 of the same pokemon (not two floatzels only 1)
    2. the challenge is over when you can get into the ribbon syndicate
    3. no hack trading is ok as long the pokemon traded is legal

    sign up sheet:
    name: Cyndafan123
    Ultimate: nope (make the challenge in d p and pt)

    KoboraX (Pearl)
    rpryor03 (Pearl)
    H0tshot1025 (platinum)


    I dont get on the community often so the thread may be outdated in some time ps. sorry for failing language im danish not english or american
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