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    Name- Aryan143
    Partner Pokemon (only one)- Drilburr. I love them
    Why do you want to join?- I like ground pokemons a bit and Exadrill a lot. It helped me so many times during battles. It is amazing. Ground types are also very cool and can learn moves like Earthquake and Magnitude, which are amazing. I am not a super fan of Ground pokemon but I like Exadrill(which i am a fan of).

    Answering the topic:

    As stated before, I like Exadrill a lot. I like it because of its design and power. I once used it in the Ground type monotype challenge in Black and it was a Beast. I almost soloed the whole game with it and it ended up becoming LVL 99. It had the Adamant nature too. Drilburr family can learn a lot of good moves like Sword Dance, Earthquake, X-Scissor and Rock Slide. Although it can only learn one weak steel type stab move, it doesn't require any Steel type move in his set.
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