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    Originally Posted by lebron View Post
    hello i download the version with the fixed events from page 27 or 28..and i patched it's an okay version to play with it??
    No, download the version from the 1st page.


    All attacks are how they orginally were in FR/LG without the physical/special split. Meaning Garchomp's dragon attacks such as dragon claw won't be as powerful, but his earthquake/stone edge/brick break/iron head/etc attacks are still just as powerful.

    From my estimation, I'll fully be done with my part in the hack early next week. Meaning Tajaros just has to script 28 events(according to my TO DO LIST) up until the end of the hack. Then, the maps in beta 1 will be re-done and that's pretty much it. All that should be done in time for Christmas. ^.^