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    Originally Posted by Alexandre View Post
    PokeDS, however, aims to bring fangames to the DS for use by casual gamers. For example, if PokeDS becomes something as fully fledged as Essentials, you only have to pay $15 for the license for DS Game Maker and you're allowed to sell your games. You're even allowed to submit them to publishers. The Pokemon fangame scene is great but ever since I joined way back in 2005 (I'm aware that the community extends past Pokecommunity), I've always felt that the games have been limited to people who know of the existence of the community. There hasn't really been an attempt to capture the same audience that the original Pokemon games was geared to. I wanted to change that. I hope that made some sense, I'm just rambling on from my head...
    so something i am curious about...
    is it as easy to use as essentials?
    you know with essentials you can make a game without knowing much about scripting...
    it wouldn't be that good but its possible...
    and aren't there some limitations that you have to consider?
    for example the rom size and all the other technical stuff?
    can you add every audio format you want to use or do you have to use midi?
    you said that you add the maps as png files right?
    how do you manage the priority of the tiles or autotiles?
    there are more points that i am curious about but i think the above are enough for now...

    ahh and i doubt that you can sell any game which use pokemon related stuff...
    maybe if you use only fakemon and avoid using anything pokemon related like pokeballs or any sprite used in the official games...
    but i dont think that someone would spend money to buy a pokemon lookalike instead of buying the official games...

    but i have to say that if you manage to make a DS variant of essentials it would be awesome for any fangame developer! :D
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