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    Here's my progress so far:
    After some SRing, Trainer Jade recieved a female Chikorita named Flora.
    Delivered the mysterious egg to Professor Elm.
    Caught Scout (Sentret) Judy (Pidgey) and Kathy (Caterpie)
    Got through Bell Tower.
    Went training on Route 32.
    Caught Tiana (Hoppip) and Fluffy (Mareep)
    Flora evolved!
    Youngster Joey called me about his top percentage Rattata.
    Beat Falkner!

    Flora Lv. 18
    Scout Lv. 3
    Judy Lv. 3
    Kathy Lv. 3
    Tiana Lv. 6
    Fluffy Lv. 6
    I do not plan to use Scout, Kathy, or Tiana, though.
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