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    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    The second image seems like a bad idea to me. It's easy to visualize but it uses more data than it should. Each pixel would be 3 bytes (or 4 if you're using alpha transparency). 256^3 (or 4 lol) seems like it would be too many possibilities. Consider using a black/white collision image instead, where you would only need 1 byte (char) per pixel. There is no way you would use more than 256 possibilities.
    Again, all maps (whether collision or not) are split into tiles by DS Game Maker itself. Yes, at first it has to load the whole image but it will take only 4 pixels to store in the VRAM: red, black, yellow, blue (in this case). The positions of each tile will be stored in an array by the program and it will then rebuild the map itself when it has to display it. A lot less VRAM is used in this way.

    Originally Posted by hansiec View Post
    Why not just use tiles such as rmxp or graphical tiles alongside of collision tiles? this would be easier to handle than having full map images
    I'm not sure what you mean by 'alongside collision tiles'. In essence I would agree with you but the current system using .png uses no more resources than that method (if not less - RMXP has to load the entire tileset, whether or not certain tiles are being used, definitely a waste of resources) so it isn't on my list of priorities. When the time is right and user-friendliness is the only thing left, I will think of ditching the .pngs and using tilesets,
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