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Is anybody else super excited for AC3 just like me?
When I first bought and played Assassin's Creed I couldn't put it down, I collected all the flags and got everything perfect in time for AC2 to come out and with it came a whole knew experience in Italy as well as different features in battling and climbing and everything was improved.

I'm hoping they don't make any major changes to the overall gameplay.
I know they've redesigned the engine from scratch so that will be interesting.

So, What did you or didn't you enjoy about the Assassin's Creed games and do you think the designers could fix them and how?
What are your expectations for the upcoming Assassin's Creed 3 game? Do you hope there is a complete overhaul in the mechanics?
Do you enjoy the continuing storyline of Desmond over the course of the games?
This thread should be about anything and everything Assassin's Creed. Post away! Answer my questions, ask your own, do what you want let's see where this goes.
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