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    Originally Posted by Uzigunner View Post
    I can't use Yape or anything. I just wanna know how to evolve Gurdur to Conkeldur,, that's all, only 1 frigging pokemon, I made up my final team and I just wanna know how to evolve Gurdur to Conkeldur, so please DarkRising Girl please at least tell me that, this is the only thing that I need to know please my freind, please tell me. Sorry for bothering u but u gotta realise my computer is only windows XP and has only 728MB of Ram, so please tell me. I am dying of frustration and I really need someone to tell me.
    Slow down please. There is no need to mention about your system you know. By the way its ok if you don't know about YAPE. Me neither to be honest