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    Pokemon: The Walking Dead (OOC/SU)


    Link to IC Thread

    Pokemon: The Walking Dead takes place in the Kanto Region, several years after the events of Pokemon: Fire Red and Leaf Green. A strange virus has broken out across the planet, transforming both pokemon and humans alike into deathless beasts with a taste for blood. You take the role of one of the few survivors, fighting just to stay alive. Around every corner there are dangers, whether it's the undead, or the living scum of society. Will you prevail?


    Five years after the defeat of Team Rocket in Kanto, a new virus by the name of "Pokerus" began to enter the public eye. It was a disease that seemingly only affected pokemon, and with very few negative effects. Pokemon infected with the Pokerus Bacteria experienced rapid growth, as well as longer, healthier lives. First discovered by the sisterhood of Nurse Joys as they healed sick or wounded pokemon, news of this beneficial virus spread like wildfire.

    Everyone, especially trainers, wanted to have their pokemon exposed to this new virus, and so people went about experimenting with the virus, discovering new and easier ways to pass it on. Over time, people began to discover that the disease could be transefered simply by allowing your pokemon to interact with infected individuals. Naturally, pokemon already infected with the virus became of high demand and eventually, mega-corporations sprung up and began charging massive amounts to infect one of your pokemon so that you could spread it to the rest of your party.

    As the virus became ever-more popular, professionals such as the Pokemon Professors entered the fray, diverting their research to the study of this new virus entirely. Professor Oak of Pallet Town discovered that the virus was actually a new form of pokemon life, attaching itself to hosts and feeding off of their bodily wastes in order to thrive.

    The trend didn't last long, however. As more and more pokemon became exposed to the Pokerus Virus, they began to develop an immunity to it as they would other diseases. As Pokerus no longer became a viable way of enhancing pokemon, the supposed "Great Pokerus Boom" ended, and the world more-or-less returned to normal....Or so everyone thought.

    One thing that had been overlooked about Pokerus, is that like most pokemon, it could EVOLVE. As it became ever-more pressed to survive, the Pokerus Virus began to change into a whole new entity entirely.

    Pokemon infected with the disease gradually began to become sick and die across the globe. Trainers and pet-owners alike flooded the pokemon centers world-wide in a frenzied attempt to help their beloved friends, backing up and essentially shutting down global healthcare.

    Within days, deceased pokemon began to come back to life as monsters, feeding on their trainers and whatever pokemon were still left living, throwing the planet into a state of world-wide panic.

    As the newly resurrected pokemon feasted on humans, the disease started to form a second branch, this one with the ability to infect them, and the population began to decline rapidly until very few living human beings and pokemon were left.

    Eventually, even the god-like legendary pokemon were beginning to become affected by Pokerus......But before they could change, Arceus took action and recalled them to his realm, leaving only Mew, the legendary dog-pokemon, and Lugia to act as protectors to the few survivors that remained.

    The end of the world had come about.


    You take on the role of one of the many survivors of the virus. Either through witts or dumb luck, you managed to avoid becoming a brain-eating zombie, and now you're on a mission: To survive. You don't have to be a trainer, for they weren't the only ones who survived. Officers, Breeders, Doctors, Professors, and many other kinds of people have survived the apocalypse as well. Challenges await you around every corner, and every second will be a struggle to survive. Not only do you have to worry about the hoardes of the undead, but also those people whom have gone bad to survive. Are you ready to face hell?

    Notable Places:

    Each place in Kanto has its own threat level. A place's threat level can be anywhere from 1 - 5, 1 being relatively safe, 5 meaning GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE! Depending on each city's situation before the Pokerus Boom, each place has its own threats to deal with.

    Pallet Town

    Threat Level: 2
    As the few Trainers Pallet Town did produce generally left to tour the rest of Kanto, or even the world, there weren't many pokemon to be infected. The only reason this city hasn't been granted a Threat Level of 1 is Oak's Lab. Oak, like many other professors, had been studying the Pokerus Virus, and thus when it began to mutate, a few of his pokemon changed as well. Though the lab is an incredibly dangerous place, it is also home to vast collections of pokemon, still trapped in their pokeballs. Though one would have to be very stealthy to get in or out, there's a good chance that some of these trapped pokemon may not have the virus and need rescuing. His machinery will only sustain them for so long.(If you do enter Oak's lab and successfully take a pokemon, you do not get to choose what it is unless it is the pokemon you start with. If it's a pokemon you get later on down the line, it will be randomly generated for you. You may not take more than one.)

    Cinnabar Island

    Threat Level: 1
    Cinnabar Island is perhaps the safest place in Kanto. When the incident occurred, they were able to contain it, and since they're in the ocean, the only threats they face come in the form of Pokemon from the sea, though attacks such as this are rare because very few of them can survive on land.

    Cinnabar is currently run by its Gym Leader, Blaine, who rules the island benevolently. He and the rest of the islanders reach out to whatever survivors are still remaining, offering them a safe haven from the destroyed world outside. They even offer a vaccine to cure infected persons, so long as they haven't already changed.

    The only issue is getting there.....

    Pewter City

    Threat Level: 3
    Pewter City was home predominantly to rock-type pokemon, one of the few types that were immune to the mutated form of Pokerus. Due to its pokemon gym, and the scattered populations of normal-type pokemon, however, enough trainers were within the city for it to be entirely overrun. Pewter City wasn't a very bountiful city, and thus very few resources are to be found there, and though it's safer than Saffron or Celadon, it's not a very desireable place to be.

    Cerulean City

    Threat Level: 4
    Cerulean was both a large city and a major hub for trainers before it fell victim to the disease, and thus it was COMPLETELY overrun when the dead began to rise. One of the only safe spots left in the city is its pokemon gym, where Misty is generally kind enough to give haven to any traveler who is caught within its streets. Though Cerulean isn't particularly bountiful, it isn't exactly resource-depraved either, so it may be worth taking a look.....

    Vermillion City

    Threat Level: 3
    There are no survivors left in Vermillion. When the dead rose, those few that were still living fled to the S.S. Anne and sailed several miles out to sea. The survivors are still there, but getting on board the boat would be very difficult because its passengers are very un-trusting... Vermillion wouldn't be a city worth entering if it wasn't for its vast supply of goods. Since it had a decent harbor, it was a center for trade, and several large warehouses dot the shore. Who knows what treasures may be hidden there?

    Lavender Town

    Threat Level: 1
    Besides Cinnabar, Lavender is probably one of the safest places in Kanto. It was home primarily to ghost-type pokemon. Since ghost-type pokemon like Ghastly are already dead, it's impossible for them to become undead a second time. Lavender is a rather small town with little to offer, so it doesn't have very much of a population. The pokemon tower is still home to many Ghost-type pokemon, however, so assuming manage to get your hands on a pokeball, a visit could be worth your while. The wooden boardwalk that usually connected Vermilion and Lavender town was completely torn apart by a freak storm soon after the infection started, so you may need to take a detour through the forests, risking undead pokemon.

    Saffron City

    Threat Level: 5
    THE most dangerous town in Kanto. It was its biggest city, and because of the massive population of humans and pokemon it used to have, its population of the undead is expansive. Not only do you have to worry about the undead, but bandits as well. It's nearly impossible to get out of the city once you've entered, and because of that, people began to grow violent in order to get ahold of the few supplies there were to go around. Rumor has it that Sabrina is still alive, somewhere in the city, and protects the weak wherever she goes.

    Viridian City

    Threat Level: 4
    Description: In Viridian city, you don't have to worry about the undead as much as you do bandits. Since Viridian was originally the home of their leader, several remnants of Team Rocket still remained inside the city, even after Giovanni had died to the infection. These remnants, lead by James, ambush anyone to enter the city, taking their pokemon and using them to further ensure their survival.

    Fuscha City

    Threat Level: 4
    The Safari Zone is the most troublesome place in Fuscha. Because the city had gone out of its way to stockpile pokemon, massive amounts of the undead rose up when the Pokerus mutated, overrunning the city in massive swarms. The most pre-dominant of these undead is a staggering beedrill population, which kept their co-operative traits even within death.

    Celadon City

    Threat Level: 5
    Celadon City is now sometimes called "The City of the Dead". It was the hub for all of the Pokerus companies, and thus almost every pokemon in the city had the Pokerus virus in some form or another. These days, you can't even turn a street corner without running into two or three of the undead. This is one city that you want to avoid at all costs. Even its Mega-Mall and all of its resources are -NOT- worth entering the city.



    NPCs are not to be controlled without a GM's permission. In most cases, if you have need to interact with one of these characters, a GM will take on the role.


    Blaine is the current Leader of the survivors of Cinnabar Island. He was the Island's gym leader before the world went to hell, and so he's also the strongest trainer on the island. Preferring to rely on his own strength, he did his absolute best to keep his pokemon from obtaining Pokerus, even going so far as to making challengers give their pokemon a cure he had commissioned in order to keep them from giving his pokemon the disease. He's incredibly wise and warm-hearted, but if you attempt to harm him, or anyone else on the island, he will NOT hesitate to kill you.


    An ex-member of Team Rocket, he was generally one of the weaker links of the team, but all of that changed when his Meowth caught the Pokerus virus and proceeded to kill his best friend and lover, Jesse. This death caused something to chance inside of him and he became a cold-hearted murderer, dead-set on making the lives of everyone around him miserable. If you come across him with a pokemon, be prepared, because he'll probably try to take it, even if he has to pry it from your cold, dead hands.


    When the undead struck Cerulean City, Misty fell back into her gym with what few survivors remained, heavily barricading it. Today, she and the remaining survivors live in fear that they will eventually be found-out and overrun. A generally kind, if head-strong woman, she strives to help anyone foolish enough to attempt to pass through the city.


    Just before the collapse, Saffron City's gym leader, Sabrina, was thought to have gone insane. Throughout the last few days of civilization, she went about telling anyone that would listen that she had not only seen, but SPOKEN to a Mew. Nobody believed her, of course, and when the dead had finally overrun the city, she dissappeared. Some assumed her to be dead, others thought she may have ran off in search of her mew.


    1. NO ITEMS MADE SPECIFICALLY AS WEAPONS. This includes guns, Machetes, Tazers, anything of the sort. The pokemon universe does not have these. If you are to have a melee weapon, it must be something along the lines of a baseball bat, a pipe, an axe, or any other tool or various item made specifically for a usage other than combat.

    2. No controlling NPCs without a GM's permission.

    3. Make sure that the items you manage to scavenge are reasonably balanced. If it's something that may tip things too far in your favor, a GM may ask you to revise your post. If you're unsure, just consult one of us.

    4. Stay Active. Anyone inactive for a week or more, without giving prior notice, will be booted from the roleplay. If they're gone for only a few days, or longer with prior notice, you may bunny them with permission.

    5. Pking is legal, but PLEASE try to keep it to a minimum. If you die, feel free to submit a new application.

    6.PLEASE KEEP ALL GRAPHIC SCENES TO A -MINIMUM-. I will have to report them to the forum moderator or else I'll get in trouble myself.


    Unlimited Slots, the Roleplay will start when we have a few accepted people.

    Gender: M/F
    Appearance(Picture can be provided in its place):
    History(How did you avoid the infection, what was life like leading up to it? 6 lines minimum):

    Pokemon(2 maximum, types immune to the disease include rock-types and ghost-types. You are not required to have one of these two types, but keep the infection in mind if you don't.):

    Moves(6 Max):

    Opening Post(8-10 lines minimum):


    I don't want to make the mechanics too complicated, mainly because I want this to be more of a free-form roleplay, but for this to work, I do need a few simple ones.

    The Undead within this roleplay are very similar to the ones found in the AMC series, The Walking Dead. The zombies react to sight, smell, and sound. They cannot feel pain, and the only method of killing them is by a blow to the head. The zombies are alot slower than they were while alive, but because they're not restricted by pain or exhaustion, their strength is multiplied ten-fold. Getting caught by one can be lethal.

    The undead that take the form of a pokemon possess only physical attacks from when they were alive. You won't see an undead Charizard using Blast Burn.

    Wild Pokemon:
    Wild pokemon are incredibly rare because of the infection, but they are not unheard of. Most of the weaker, less intelligent pokemon were picked off early on in the apocalypse, but a great deal of the more powerful and intelligent ones survived. These survivors found within the wild are either incredibly difficult to defeat, or so small that they have an easy time of hiding. Whenever you intend on coming across or capturing a wild pokemon that is not of the undead, please run it by a GM first.

    Evolving and Learning New Moves:
    There are very few restrictions on this specific aspect of the roleplay. When you feel your pokemon is ready to evolve, you may do so. If you wish for your pokemon to progress and learn new moves, there has to be a reasoning behind it. A GM reserves the right to make you revise your post if they feel you haven't given good enough reasoning.

    Immune Types:
    The types immune to the disease include Rock-type pokemon, Ghost-type pokemon, Steel-type pokemon, or any pokemon without a solid form(I.E., Slugma or Grimer).

    Any pokemon of a type that is not listed here is susceptable to the Evolved Pokerus. If the pokemon of choice is of mixed-type, I'll give you a ruling on whether or not they're immune upon posting your Sign-up.

    Catching the Disease:
    You catch the disease through the usual methods. A bite from an infected pokemon has a 100% chance of transmitting the disease. Other ways to be infected are by interacting with a sick pokemon or person that has yet to die, or to have any residue from an infected pokemon enter your bloodstream through a wound. Wounds caused by claws or anything similar have an incredibly small chance of transmitting the disease(About 5%), but the possibility is still there. If you're unsure as to whether or not something has infected you, ask for a GM ruling.

    Accepted Characters
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