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Originally Posted by .parado✗ View Post
Hey Munch, with the fire red hacked engine you can make follow-me-scripts how I did. I also made a script with a timer in it, so its very useful.
Doesnt mean I want to applicate for you team, but with me you could have a good scripter :D
Thanks for the advice, and if you want, you can probably join the team, I could always use a scripter, I am pretty good at scripting myself, but I can use an extra scripter, so do you wanna join?

Originally Posted by Acecaldwell01 View Post
Whoa munch! I thought you meant 4 or 5... LOL... Im gonna need help, lol. I will start on the heros battle picture but I cant do OW's very well. I made this sprite update that I have as an attatchment. I will try to work on them later. My laptops left and right click buttons are broke and im in Panama, FL on vacation so i will work on them later. Here is the sprite update:
These look pretty good, did you just sprite these at the top of your head? and what are going to be there types and names?