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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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    Exactly one year ago from today, while everyone lived their peaceful everyday, the wrath of the Creation Trio hit Sinnoh, soon destroying most part of the region. How did this affect the rest of the world, you may ask? Simple, with their wrath not yet quelled, these three dragons went flying all the way to the first landmass they found... Hoenn. Their wrath eventually woke up both Groudon and Kyogre, and since Rayquaza was unable to stop 5 legendary Pokemon at once, th regions we used to know and love became one conglomerate of landmasses, where most of the cities and towns, along with their citizens, had dissapeared, and weren't planning to return any time soon...

    The only way to keep on and reconstruct the citizens' lives seemed to be at the prize of oblivion, for if they just pretended that nothing happened, the sadness that surrounded them would fade in less time.

    You have recieved your Pokedex, Pokemon and Pokeballs straight from the world renowned Pokemon Professors. You are now ready to begin your journey on the newly formed world of Pokemon. Question is... where to go?

    Across this chapter you must perform a handful of actions, but that doesn't mean you won't have freedom to do whatever you want. Just don't break the rules or ignore what I tell you. Feel free to post as much as you need to.

    You will begin in a town or city of your choice, it must belong to the region the Starter you chose is from. You have the freedom to describe the place as you wish, it could be a place in the process of being rebuilt, a ruined place, or just a town or city that didn't seemed to be affected.

    You will have a conversation with the Professor that gave you your starter, thus meaning you have absolute freedom to bunny them. Said conversation must end with your character asking the Professor where to go. You will recieve a blue ticket with a picture of a ship similar to the S.S. Anne, the Libra Ticket, which will let you ride a small ship, named as the S.S. Libra II.

    You will board said ship wherever you please. Be it by going to another city which has a harbor, or by going to a harbor in the city where you began if it somehow survived the disater. The Professor will also board, but at different times, so you don't have to include them when you post about bording the ship.

    Your stay in the ship will be short, and if you wish to interact with a RPer here, you must ask said RPer to do so first.

    The ship will eventually arrive in a handful of wrecked harbors, finally decking in the less destroyed one, where a sign lays on the floor, reading "Union Pier" in a barely legible font.

    Upon advancing across the ruined pier, you will find yourself in front of the ruins of what was once known as Castelia City...


    Once a big, innovative city that never sleeped, now, a place where people fell asleep just to never wake up again...

    You will notice the unusual silence hovering around as your steps sound each time noisier. There is no person besides you here, and there are only few Pokemon around, listed below:


    -Sand Attack

    These Pokemon wander all around, stealing as much as they can. They will most likely be watching you while you walk around Castelia across the path the Professors are following. Do not miss sight over your belongings, or else you mght not see them again.



    These curious doves like to wander around the most unusual places, so it wouldn't be unlikely for them to be here. They will mostly just follow you wherever you go, and since they're quite easy to catch... It's almost as if I was gifting them to you!
    Once you're done here, you'll exit the city via what used to be the square in the center of the city. As you can imagine, it was also destroyed, so, besides the remains of a fountain, there's not much to see here.

    Outside the city there's a road that looks like a weird mix of a desert and a forest, where, just like the city, there is no such thing as a person and only a couple of Pokemon around:


    -Poison Gas

    No one is sure of what the actual hell these things are doing here, and they can be quite annoying, as they have a suicidal love for battles. Thank god they don't know how to Selfdestruct...

    -Defense Curl
    -Poison Sting

    Friendly and strong, a wonderful combination! These buddies are always wanting to make new friends, which makes them quite the frequent sight around, they shall not let themselves be defeated with shuch ease, so prepare for a battle to remember while facing them!

    You will soon find yourself inside this massive forest. Do not stay away from the Proffesors, or else you'll regret it. Follow them until they reach what would seem to be the center, with a huge field spreading all around, with all the trees being around this circular landmass. The chapter ends here, as you wait for the Professors to explain to you why you're here...
    What you may, may not and must do:

    -You may catch the Pokemon you battle
    -You may interact/fight any NPCs or RPers
    -You must end an attempt to catch a Pokémon with your character throwing the Pokéball, I will decide whether you catch it or not.
    - Your posts must be about your character arriving at the now small S.S. Libra II. You may proceed to post about your character aboard of the Libra and their arrial at Castelia City ONLY when I say you can. Same goes for posts outside of Castelia and in Lostlorn Forest.