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Kita Okata
Sacred Fire

Sunlight shone softly through the curtains of the forge to wake a sleeping Kita, who sat upright against a wall with a spear crossed at his chest. His eyes fluttered and his face tightened. Seeing that it was morning, he returned to his home (which is conveniently connected to the forge) and took a bath in warm water heated by the hot coals of the forge. Afterwards, he dawned his armor and sword to hunt for breakfast. After he dressed, he headed out to the west to fix his meal.

Upon arriving, he decided that it would also be a good idea to gather some other materials for alchemical purposes. He looked to healthy bushes for flowers of majestic colors, his herbalist sense being moderately trained, yet he seemed to look almost aimlessly for surprise. Then, a fierce growl rang out, vibrations fiercely ravaging the alchemists ears. Kita looked up from the plants to spot a wild Houndoom.

This was quite lucky for him, as not only do Houndoom taste great, but they also grow a unique strong exoskeleton that can be used for creating various materials. He wasn't quite so intimidated by the beast as much as he was unsure that he could best it without injury. The Houndoom simple stood its ground and growled at the ambitious psuedo-alchemist, but it was not going to attack unless he felt truly threatened. Noting this, Kita unsheathed his sword and positioned himself into a defensive stance, so as to coerce the canine into attacking. The Houndoom leapt for a bite to the chest, but Kita sidestepped and brought down the sword's bottom unto the hound's head, right between the horns. The Houndoom was slightly jarred, but it took almost no time to recover, and once it hit the ground it immediately turned around and leapt towards Kita to rip out his rib-cage. Seeing his opportunity, when the Houndoom came close to him, he brought his sword up, entering underside of the Houndoom's jaw and stopping at the skull. He removed the sword from the Houndoom and it fell lifelessly to the ground. It wasn't something he liked to do, and he often considered opting to have food delivered to him, given his status, but he was too timid to request such a thing. He made a short prayer for the lost and gathered the Houndoom, returning to his residence.
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