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Pokemon Illusions

Hello there all, my name is tajaros and I'm Introducing my first ever hack Pokemon Illusions. In my early stages of hacking the first thing I did was to help people in their hacks and that prove to help me improve my Hacking skills. Especially in the making of Pokemon Dark Rising believe it or not on my start on working on it I was a noob until I learned things after that. Now this hack has all the things that I learned from the past including many great features and awesome gameplay.

The hack is called Pokemon Illusions. You awake as a Boy/Girl from the beautiful region of Crown. There's this evil team that has the plan to control Legendaries by means of techie machines. The evil team is called Team Jazz they use a device to brainwash Pokemon so they will do their bidding. But, you have been ordered by Prof. Narra to go set out on a journey to vanquish the evil plans of Team Jazz. You and your Rival as bestfriends since Childhood are Pokemon Battle nerds (Not actually nerds but expert in Pokemon Battling). One night you woke up hearing a ruckus in the Lab and you see Team Jazz taking Prof.Narra's Zorua. The Professor asks you to battle them with the Zorua. And after defeating Team Jazz Professor Narra asks you to come by his lab the next day, and on the next day he gives you and your rival your first Pokemon to start your journey. Can you defeat them and discover the mysteries of the Crown Region?

As of now I haven't started scripting yet.


New Pokemon from the 4th&5th Gen
New Story
New Region
New Tiles
New Maps
New Scripts
New Sprites
New Battle Backgrounds
New Cries
New Music
Physical/Special Split
Amazing Gameplay
Pre-Battle Mugshots
Trainer Facing when battling (Just like in R/S/E)
Running Shoes Inside Buildings
Three Layer Tile Hack
Day&Night System

The Team:
tajaros: Scripter, Mapper, Spriter, Storyline, Hex Editing, Tile Inserter, Cry Inserter, Basic ASM, etc.
The dragon tamer: Spriter
Pinkish Purple: OW Spriter, and Userbar Maker
atangerine: Mapper
Gerokunz: TitleScreen Editor, and Userbar Maker.
KiraKonGxi - TileInserter, Mapper.

If you would like to be a part of the team sign-up here Or if you want to help don't be shy to VM/PM me... :)

Me - Almost Everything
NarutoActor - Mapping, Ideas, and being a good friend.
Elite Charizard. Kyledove, War8, Alistair, WesleyFG, Zeikaro - Tiles
Jambo51 - ASM Resources
JPAN - Firered Hacked Engine
Hackmew - Tutorials
Mastermind_X, ZodiacTheGreat, Interdepth - Some Tutorials, and the Day&Night System
Mavy42 - Banner
Gamefreak/Nintendo - Pokemon
Tool Makers - Tools
Gerokunz - Titlescreen logo, Support Banner
DarkRisingGirl - Storyline, Ideas
Midnightshine - Support Banner
Pinkish Purple - Support Banner
diegoisawesome - 3 Layer Tile Hack, and for too much awesomeness... :)
KiragonGxi - Support Banners
DoesntKnowHowToPlay, Darthatron, Jambo51, FrozenInfernoZX - Guides, and for the Physical/Special Split

PS. If you helped with the hack in someway don't be shy to conatct me so I can add you to the list.


Q: Who's your starter in the Hack?
A: Starters from the 1st-5th Gen.

Q: Are there new Pokemon in the Hack?
A:Yes, 4th and 5th Gen Pokemon are in the hack.

Q: What about the 1st - 5th Gen. Starters will we be able to catch them?
A:Yes, you can capture them also in the wild.

Q: Which Pokemon is the Rival's Starter?
A:Your Rival's starter is Riolu.

Q: What is Team Jazz's plot?
A: Their plot is to rule the world by making use of Illusions which are made by Zorua and Zoroark.

Q: How many Rivals do you Have?
A:As for the Main Rivals you have three.

Q: When will the hack be released?
A: Check the thread tomorrow ok?

Q: Who's the Professor of the game?
A: Prof.Nara he is somewhat your teacher or the one that taught you and your rival about Pokemon.

- Luckily none.


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