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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
That is unknown.

The article you provided didn't state what jobs they applied for.

However, as the jobs Hooters said they would create (Bartenders and hosts) are both jobs where the job holder is regularly seen, they the odds are that these people applied to be waiters.

The waiting staff are not the ones cooking the food, so they don't effect it at all. Still, the company isn't built on the food. It's built on having, most often, well endowed waitresses serve the food. For this company, the food isn't what makes it. Its the serving staff.
In my restaurant example, I would want my waiting staff to be visibly of the same ethnicity of the food. That doesn't mean that other jobs aren't available for others.

Let's move on to another issue. Let's say that I run a business that prides itself on its Christian image, and it sells religious merchandise, but is not a church. Should I be able to refuse employment to LGBT applicants?
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