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    Originally Posted by wasabi989 View Post
    I played this version for almost 2 weeks straight already. Such a cool version. All pokemons, all moves, almost all items. Good work!

    Though I hope there will be updates because there are some errors in it. Some that I managed to encounter:

    me first - nothing happened
    round - 00pp
    echoed voice - base power should increased every turn, but tweaked to lowering Sp Def
    odour sleuth, mean look, foresight - always misses
    brine - no extra effects after the hp below 1/2
    luck incense - sometimes no increase on money gained


    roost - flying type should be gone right after the usage
    toxic spike - there is no poison effect
    dawn stone - cannot identify Snorunt gender so hard to evolve to Froslass
    Like I said on the Read me, some new generation 4/5 move effects works differently because this game haven't any gen 4/5 new move effects (yet).

    Thank you for the items bug report.

    Originally Posted by bambam112686 View Post
    i need a map of the ocean stage........ or tell me where the exit portal is cause ive been wandering around in the water for 2 days (real time) and i cant get out.......i have grown my team about 6 levels each off of this stage and ive saved while in the stage so im stuck.......... cant find the entrance or the exit........... before getting lost ive explored left, right, up, and down from the entrance and i cant seem to find the exit portal.......... i thought there might be some secret like diving by the land masses but the hm's dont work like the traditional pokemon games......... a map would be greatly appreciated cause my entire team is in the high 80's (level wise) and im trying to get to rank 16 so i can begin the legendary hunt........... im at rank 15A now and im stuck in the ocean stage......... PLEASE HELP...... I NEED A PIC OF THE ENTIRE OCEAN STAGE!!!!!!!

    --MY TEAM--
    Raichu Lv. 88
    Charizard Lv. 89
    Samurott Lv. 88
    Tyranitar Lv. 87
    Gothitelle Lv. 89
    Flygon Lv.88
    A way to escape from Sea map: Go to the right top corner and picks the Escape Rope like in the screen attached. Only works if you are in the same position as the screen attached. The Sea is too large to take a single screenshot (even from the RPG Maker program), and even if I merge some screenshots, the scale become low.

    I make the mistake of putting the entrace in the map center, so some people became lost in this map. In future I think in putting more Escape Ropes in this area.

    Anyway, nice team!
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