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Originally Posted by someduderic View Post
I have a question. How does one go about choosing an online team?
Generally it depends on the person. A common way is if you have a specific Pokemon that looks interesting you build a team around it, to cover the threats to that specific Pokemon, while still having enough Pokemon to be able to take out the major threats in the metagame. Others base it around a type of playstyle - for example if you want a stall team then in OU for example usually certain Pokemon appear a lot in those playstyles because they're the only ones that fit. Or rain - there's almost always Politoed thanks to its ability and so on, or others are dependent on the lesser used playstyles such and Trick Room or Baton Pass where certain Pokemon only have roles in the higher tiers to perform those specific roles. So really it depends on both knowing what the metagame is likely to throw at you and what type of team/Pokemon you want if that makes sense.

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