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The third generation Pokemon designs have often been subject to critcism, due to being of "lower quality" than the generation that came before. What is your opinion on the designs of the third generation Pokemon?

I have to admit at first,some of the Pokemon's designs I thought were strange and dodgy or uncreative.Wurmple I'm pretty sure was based off the Weedle and Caterpie line from Gen I and I'd just apprecieate seeing some more unique designs.But then again every generation has their uncreative and then the amazing.

I loved certain designs like Swablu's as it was simple yet pretty creative.Fluffy clouds to support its wings and there wasn't too much overkill on detail.Pokemon are based off realistic creatures and objects though,although I would like to see improvement in designs like Numel and Cacnea since they seem a bit dodgy to me :|.
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