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*This game is in the beta stages but completely playable!

Think of the world of Pokemon in the handheld games. Now think of playing in that world with hundreds of other trainer!


My name is Noah Ikuto. I've lurked around this site for years playing the hacks and occasionally playing in the wifi section. I am speaking on behalf of the developers of Pokemonium.


Its everybody's dream to one day become a Pokemon trainer. They admire the League Champs like Blue, Red, and Cynthia while dreaming to one day be like the--or battle them! Today is finally your day! Today, you take a partner Pokemon and start your journey!

There are many mysteries and perils in the Pokemon world. Dangerous wild Pokemon hide behind every turn and formidable trainers lie in wait for you to walk past. Gym Leaders stand in your way to becoming a master and test your abilities. Fear not, brave trainer, because you are not alone!

Team up with other trainers and explore the vast world of Pokemon together! Battle, trade, and train with many other trainers as friends....or as rivals! Take part in tournaments with a team that you raise from the ground or battle in the epic Guild Wars! The story will always be different; the main character will always be you!


★Login/Registration System (Play on same account on multiple servers)
★New Chat System
★Wild Pokémon
★Catching (including Boxes)
★Kanto and Johto regions
★Player vs. Player Battles
★New Battle System based on Pokémon Platinum Version
★Trainer Skill
★Fishing Skill
★Multiple servers that players could choose from and freely switch to.
★A trainer level system that grants the trainers themselves exp when they battle NPC's, battle other players, or level up their Pokemon.
★HMs that are unlocked by raise the trainer level
★An in-game Pokedex
★An item mall that allows players to buy in-game items accessible on the Pokemonium site
★Guild System

Future Features

The features will be released in the upcoming 1.5 version. This version will be released in early November.

★The Sinnoh region
★Bug fixes
★Auto-updating system
★Bug tracking system


Explore Kanto and Johto!

The world maps!

Explore every city!

Fight wild Pokemon!

Fight against the mighty Gym Leaders!

Explore the land and the sea!

The Pokedex

The bag

The party view and individual Pokemon view



DefaulT----------Head Developer
Gary Mother ****ing Oak----------Super Moderator
Zorro----------Super Moderator
5eloo----------Super Moderator
Doc J. OMalley----------Moderator
windrider07----------Tech Support


Viper == Bringing the team together to revive this project and leading said project.
DefaulT == Developer of the Item Mall
Sadhi == Mapped the Kanto Safari Zone and half of Sinnoh
Teepo == Mapped Mt. Silver and half of Sinnoh
Slam == Custom Sprites
Mythic, Sadhi, Remyoman == Main coders/developers
Nushio == Designed the original battle system
Sienide, Fshy == Original coders/developers/mappers
Noah == Maker of the trailer

Site and forum


Java 1.6
Java JRE
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