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So I made it to virbank city today. It's a cool place. I went talking to the people in the town and they seem cool enough. I saw this girl getting into an argument with her father and turns out she is a gym leader! So I decided to go give her gym a look and it looks like a rock concert! It was epic! When I tried to talk to one of them they started a battle with me! lol Of course I won though. So I battled the other band member and when I tried to talk to Roxie she automatically wanted to have a gym battle! FINE WITH ME! So with one of the pokemon I'm using to carry my team until I can ev train ran through both of her pokemon. So I got my second badge and a new tm! So as I'm heading out of the gym I get stopped by this guy who says he is with poke studios or something and wanted me to star in a movie! Before I could try to decline because I'm on my journey, he pretty much forced me to do it but I have to admit it was awesome! So I think I'll add this to my to do list in my journey! After all of that I went to the Virback complex where I went hunting for a elekid, and after a little bit of hunting I found an adamant one! NEW MEMBER OF THE TEAM OH YEAH!!!! So that's where I currently am as of now!