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Boy, I need to get my team's level up and up. The level progression's getting real tight lately. I had to finish off a lot of Audino - sorry guys! Also, gotta love spending some quality time in the stadiums.

Elesa is now super fabulous, complete with light shows. Who doesn't like being on stage, with a lot of people watching? Good thing Genny's not weak to anything in here - and a nicely-timed Signal Beam spoiled Emolga's Volt Switch by knocking out the Zebstrika.

Heartbreaker Charles is best at breaking someone's heart, but not me. Getting schooled in public is an embarrassing thing for him, that's for sure. Also: Triple Battles!

Looks like the Charizard Bridge is still as I remembered.

HUGH PUNCH! That grunt got it coming. Also, free Zorua. Also, too many hotels. Also, Clay's Gym needs more lightning. Can't be the safest place around, eh? This time, Keiran got to shine~ You've got to shiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeee-e-e-ee-e-e-e-eee...

Mmm, PWT, huh? Let's try this- Hey, Genesect can get in! And... what? The opponent's all underlevelled! What gives? Sure enough, I wiped the floor... without even touching Genesect. Seems like Corless gives a good fight in the tournament, though.

That suspicious ship... No, even three of us can't get through the Shadow Triad. Still as mystical as ever... and we're teleported to the pier, with no ship in sight. o.O

Surf HM get! And just caught an Azumarill, too. Hmm... *plops in water*

...and now I'm home with an Axew-ew-ew.