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Name: Rick Cawlins

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rick is tall and reasonably well built. He generally wears a muscle shirt under army fatigues, which are slightly worn. He has short cut, blond hair, and a slight goatee. His eyes are blue, but they are hidden most of the time behind his black sunglasses. He is overall grungy looking, even though he washes at every opportunity. On most occasions, Rick wears an ax on his belt.

Personality: Rick is the chivalrous type who never backs from a challenge. He is very strategic, using the Walkers' abilities against them. Rick isn't hostile to other survivors, but will not hesitate to attack anyone hostile to him or his group. He tends to remain calm, but can become angry in a heartbeat. He judges people based on aptitude, with those that can fight the walkers well being more preferable to one who hasn't used a knife outside of the kitchen. However, he will shelter anyone that hasn't been infected to the best of his abilities.

History: Being a part of the police force, Rick had to keep physically fit. He was based in Viridian, but was mostly in other towns. He had been assigned Aggron as a partner, and Rick soon grew attached to him. Once the Pokerus Boom hit, there was much pressure for him to get Aggron infected. However, Rick persisted, his philosophy bein that this Pokerus was exactly like Steroids, it's good for a time, then it goes bad. Little did he know how right his assumption was. Soon, Pokemon started becoming immune to the Pokerus. Many outraged trainers started small riots, which Rick was sent to help break up on many occasions. Rick simply followed orders, not bothering to worry about the drop in the economy that the region was facing.

One day, without warning, his orders stopped coming, and he heard of a disaster with a new mystery disease. Once he returned to HQ, he found dead bodies everywhere, and a single charmander standing in the middle of the room, blood on its face. Aggron quickly disposed of it, and Rick left town quickly. He then started hearing the screams. Throughout the city, many were learning what Rick had just observed. The dead weren't remaining dead...

Rick soon left Viridian, picking up a large ax from a sporting goods store window on the way out. He didn't hesitate to decapitate every Pokemon in his way, not caring if they were infected or not. He walked to Lavender town, where he prepared for a journey accross the region. He walked all the way to Celadon, where he had lived before, to find the Walkers everywhere. He had no choice but to run, finding an empty Semi trailer. He made this trailer his temporary stronghold until the undead lost interest. As soon as the coast was clear, he ran out of the city, ending up in the middle of a forest. There, with Aggron's help, he made a more permanent stronghold. He eventually cleared an area next to a route, making a near-impenetrable cave. He protected anyone that came across his path, earning the title 'the General'. One traveller, a young lady with a ghastly persuaded him to travel to Cerulean with her. He now lives in the Gym there, regularly helping to clear the area around it of the undead, Pokemon or human.

Pokemon: Aggron
-Moves: Iron Defense, Iron Claw, Dig, Earthquake, Guillotine, Smack Down

Opening Post: Rick rolled off the mat that he slept on. He was the first one up, as usual, so he went out the front door quietly. He sat behind the barracades that he had planned, and looked over the ocean at the rising sun. He released Aggron from his ultra ball, and the mountainous Pokemon stood next to him. They didn't say or do anything for over five minutes, then Steven, his only true friend in the gym society, came and joined them.

"Ready for our morning run?" He asked, and Rick nodded. He went back inside, and grabbed his machete from next to his bedroll. He strapped it on, and left, being sure to notify Misty, who was up. Rick walked back outside to see that Steven had been talking to Aggron.

"Let's go." Rick said. He unlocked the many deadbolts on the metal door, and returned Aggron, who wouldn't fit, to his ball. The group went out, Steven closing the door behind him, flinching slightly as the automatic locks engaged.

"Got one. At your ten." Steven said, as he was leading. Rick saw the human, a female, shuffling towards them. Rick sheathed his machete, and drew a hatchet that he had picked up in lavender town. He threw it, his aim being dead on. The walker slumped to the ground, uttering a low groan. Rick retrieved his throwing knife, decapitating the Walker for good measure. The duo finished their daily circuit, not encountering any more Walkers. Misty was delighted to see them back, as she always did, and they continued with their daily lives.
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