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Ok well I voted for the return of pokemon walking with you because I adored the feature in HG. Reading over the replies however I do agree with it being optional and other tweaks like a choice of the pokemon out.

But that brings me to something I really want in pokemon games more than anythin; more interaction with your pokemon. Thats one of the main reasons I like the follow me feature. It actually shows evident personallity in your pokemon. Like the footprint checker in DP/Pt that gave you an actual discription of how your pokemon felt about you. When they took that away and replaced it with a generic, your pokemon loves you description from the freindship checker in b/w i was dissapointed. Hey maybe its just me.

Randomly brainstorming of some ways I think they could implement this :
~is getting rid of the pokemon silhouette used for hms and replace them with the overworld sprite of your poke.
~Being able to actively ride your (reasonable sized!)pokemon outside of surf like in the anime like in a town or using fly
~Abillity to give your pokemon a custom ribbon with a customizable description
~Option to leave some of your pokemon at home, around your house, in your house, or in your yard as interatable NPCs
~Rewards for interacting with pokemon. Ex: "Would you like to pet/acknowledge/encourage/congradulate [Pokemon]?" (-Yes) "[Pokemon] is happy! ..Huh?" [Trainer] received a sitris berry [Pokemon] found!"

Anyone else care to add ideas? ...and hope GameFreak will miraculously pick up our thoughts?

Anyway some actual core changes I would like to add are the following:
~More love for poison types. I mean come onnnnn! [1.] Half of all poison types were introduced in gen 1 which the other gens wernt very generous with supplying us with [2.] If it doesnt resist or is immune, let poison do at least 1.5 dmg to evrything. I mean c'mon its poison. If not at least make bug pokemon weak to poison. [3.] Does it make sense basicly every pokemon can use toxic? No. Leave it to poison types and pokemon who have some semblance to poisonous animals
~i beleive somebody already said it but not being able to forget hms is unreasonable and needs to go
~The water>fire>grass starter types should stay but I think they should give the evolved forms better type combos and stats
~Bigger towns/cities
~In-game full co-op areas
~Re-capturable released pokemon(for those who want their buddies back)
~option to leave yourself notes or reminders on your pokegear
~Give the trainer more et options within the story to speak their mind
~A fully realized pokemon amusementpark. And as a twist the villanous team could have a base there
~Or instead of the three fire/water/grass starters we could have a decent number of potential starters and your starter chooses you based on a short personality test like in the PMD series
~Return of ball capsoles(dunno if i spelled that right) but more customizable

Aaannnd thats all I got for now