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Zayne had been pondering for a while now whilst intermittently changing the pokemon that was keeping guard; currently that pokemon was his Lucario, one of his closest partners. Zayne new that it was unlikely he would be found in his hiding place, but he also knew that if he was found and he ran he would not know where to go. He could send his Staraptor to scout from the sky, Feraligatr from underwater or Sceptile could camouflage reasonably well in the forest due to its green colour and leafy tail. The problem was, could he risk sending one of his friends out alone?
“What do you think I should do?” he asked the blue and yellow canine like pokemon who was now standing to his right. Lucario grunted and gestured to itself. Zayne new that his furry friend had a point; his ability to sense the aura and intentions of others would make it easy enough to avoid others, but if he was seen by a trainer they were sure to know that he was not a wild pokemon. Lucarios are quite rare anyway, but they were almost never seen in an area like the one they inhabited. A realisation came to his mind soon after these thoughts. He would have to go with Lucario to see the layout of the island for his own eyes whilst his friend put most of his energy into helping Zayne avoid other trainers.
“Alright, you can go but I’m coming with you. Focus on keeping us out of the paths of other trainers and I’ll try to learn my way around. The first thing I should probably do is find a near-by water source, we’ll run out eventually and I don’t want to resort to what Gatr (the abbreviation he occasionally used to describe his Feraligatr) has to offer.”
Zayne grabbed a bottle of water, his pack and his pokeballs before pulling some ivy had discovered over the entrance of his cave to conceal it and headed deeper into the forest.

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