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Welcome to the club, Clucknadus! I guess your username would indicate that you'd be the perfect member for this club, so I hope you'll be active and have fun! ^^

As for the current topic, I don't have all that much to say, since I'm not that big on the stats of specific Pokemon, but I guess I can go from own knowledge, which to be honest isn't really something any of you could trust xD, and from what has already been said.

For one, starter birds aren't really that underrated in my experience, seeing as a how whole lot of people seem to use it, since they're often some of the most decent Flying type Pokemon, and as a bonus, you can get them early on to train and prepare for later in the game. Out of the starter birds, only two appear (to me) to be underrated actually, or in the very least ones that aren't used by that many people, which kinda goes with being underrated. The first one is, as has already been mentioned earlier, Hoot-hoot and Noctowl. I am one of those people that have never really used it, because I first of all found Hoot-hoot to be pretty weak the first time I used it, and because I didn't really like its design, even though I really, really love Noctowl's design. What I've come to find later though is, that they're both actually pretty good Pokemon. Hoot-hoot, not as much compared to some of the others, but Noctowl has really appeared to be pretty strong from what I've experienced myself, seen in various rare playthroughs in which it has been used, and from the anime. I can't really speak much out of own experience, but it isn't bad, so I agree that it's definitely underrated based on how good of a Pokemon it actually is. Guess it's just because a lot of second gen Pokemon are just stronger than it is.

Second one is Swellow. It may be rightfully claimed as a weak Pokemon though, as later on in the games, it isn't really that great to use, and there are a lot of great alternatives for it, although early on, and I'm speaking from own experience, it's just blown through every single Pokemon it's faced on my part. This went on for a good deal of the game, however the worst thing about this is, I tend to use it a lot during that part of the game, and it kinda goes way above the others, and once I reach a specific point in the games where the Pokemon just get too tough for it, all the levels will kind of have been in vain, since all the experience that could've gone to help the later part of the game, has just gone to Swellow which isn't particularly useful in that part of the game. But alas, it's really good for the a big chunk of the game, and I feel like more people should use it, but that's just my opinion.

As for Farfetch'd, I've never really used it, so I can't really speak for its part in any way, but I'm assuming from Alex' description, it's rightfully deserved with how few people that use it. Guess I should try using it one day, since, it's a bird, what could the harm be? :D
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