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Originally Posted by Sira420 View Post
Can starmie learn both screen moves? So I can use it as rhapid spinner?
Ie: starmie @light clay
Light screen
Rhapid spin

And if the pokemon is phased or killed I'll restart yhe process again
Fake out -> uturn -> agility-> baton pass ->sword dance/nasty plot-> die and repeat.
This pattern will make each of my pokemon take down atleast one other pokemon or even a whole team (as long as exremely fast or extremely bulky pokemon phaze it. But only a handful of pokemon can survive a STAB boosted + either sword dance/ nasty plot.... So walls will haveva gard time walling and annoyers will not have a chance to annoy... Only problem is a team full of priority moves like extreme speed, mach punch, ice shard etc...
Starmie could do that, but that set wastes its true potential of sweeping by hindering its coverage severely. [email protected] have considerably better bulk than Starmie does as well.

Priority is also another reason why Agili-Passing isn't seen often in OU. Agili-Passing also wastes Scizor's potential as a strong revenge killer with Technician-boosted Bullet Punches, as well as scouting with Choice Band-boosted U-turns. Just because Scizor can BP Speed boosts doesn't mean it should, as it has better things to be doing, like wallbreaking or revenge killing with Choice Band- or Swords Dance-boosted attacks.