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    Alright, up and running again! Just thought I'd remind you guys, PLEASE join before posting your opinion!! Otherwise it's spam. Like, seriously.

    I personally loved Strangled Red. The new character of Steven($!3V3N) is very interesting. And I personally sort of use the Door's Open fic as my headcanon in this situation. Meaning I believe that
    Strangled Red is the predecessor to the mysterious events of Lost Silver...0.o actually, I think Red and Ghost killed Gold after Lyra beat Red, and Gold came back to haunt Red...sortof...

    Also, my favorite line from Strangled Red is-
    In a world that's cheated me...
    Why should I play fair?
    It's right before Steven takes the Missingno item. It just...captures the insanity and determination of Steven/$!3V3N to get Miki back. I just loved it in general. Personally, I don't think that the author needed the whole strangling thing. It's just unnecessary. It's creepy enough without it. It should be called something else because the strangling thing isnt the main part of the story.