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I have mixed feelings on this.

Firstly, Zoroark can talk like humans (perhaps through telepathy). This is proved when the backpacker in Lostlorn Forest turned into Zoroark after talking (the first time I saw that, it scared me quite a bit lol). Zoroark could have imitated N's looks as it grew up with him since he was a child, and usually pokemon like imitating people whom they are close to.

Secondly, Zoroark guided you to N's castle, but once inside, it was no where to be found and the only one there was N, waiting for you. Zoroark wasn't on N's team while battling him; the only one was Reshiram/Zekrom. Where could Zoroark have been hiding? It's possible N put it back inside its pokeball but didn't use it in battle..but who knows?

Well..there are many other possibilities. I'm rather interested and intrigued about this whole idea of N being Zoroark. But for now, there's no definite way to prove that this is true, so I'm still indecisive. I'm probably repeating what other people have said, but this is what I think too.
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