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    Originally Posted by Lugia_Da_Boss View Post
    BTW, at the start of the game(the intro), when Blue is talking to you, he says your rival is his grandson, when Blue would be like 20(?). And if it was Blue's grandfather you were talking to(if he's still alive), wouldn't it be his great-grandson who was your rival? I know that the text I'm talking about is the default text, but you might want to change it for Beta 1.
    Yeah true but i haven't change the intro text yet and i don't know if i will change it for Beta 1... =(

    Originally Posted by xiaoqiao143 View Post
    OMG waiting this hack to be completed i really l\want to play this one
    Thanks =D

    Originally Posted by PokemonGiratinaX View Post
    Are you still working on this, Fanp?
    How can i say...
    There are a few things that need to be correct and that's why beta 1 wasn't released yet, plus the time that i can dedicate to the hack right now is very short...
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