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    No problem! (Lucky I saw the edit, I clicked in to add this post. LMAO)

    FYI, if anyone else ever has this problem, I have the maps for both surface and underwater created for that area. I can always send both along with a mini-walkthrough of the area. There are no Trainers down there from what I can see, only on the surface.

    So I decided for mapmaking purposes to pause at Serenity City and just wander around everywhere creating maps. I also wanted to know what the Trainer difficulty was like on the eastern side of the eastern loop. This led me to hack a path through the woods and the back of the daycare (don't worry, I plan to patch it back up) and through more woods to get to the other side of the "express route" going west. Cue Drakebreath City (and I got lost). I eventually found Route 416 and surfed for a while, finding wild Pokémon in the 30s in the water. I finally found a Trainer with Lv.40-41 Pokémon. I'm already fighting Lv.38 Pokémon. What is the highest level I am likely to encounter in my travels before the Zhery League (which I expect to be in the 50s, if not in the E4, at least for the Champion)?

    Meanwhile, my first six Pokérus infectees are no longer contagious. I oughta spread that around ASAP to the lower-level Pokémon. Not that it will matter, obviously it won't have much effect on the in-game stuff.

    NEXT DAY EDIT: So I decided to keep traveling backwards. The script triggers in this game are absolutely genius. Without question. You cannot trigger the next storyline item in sequence until you've cleared the trigger before it, meaning when I went north on 416 to Steam's big base, I found about 11 Grunts and two executives in a U formation but got no fights or anything else. Obviously, because you normally don't talk to them on the map there, they don't have scripts added - at all. I left the island, naturally, and kept going north, moving around to avoid Trainers in the water; I eventually reached the land coming from 415 and went over where I specifically know two script triggers to be; they didn't trigger and the guy who is associated with them stayed put on the right; you can't speak with him in the same way the Grunts are silent.

    Just a little proof that you are best to play the game as designed. You can't shortcut via cheating and get the 7th or 8th badges until you get the 6th and do the events up to the 7th badge (even the Gyms themselves remain empty); the only possible flaw is activating the Fly trigger in Drakebreath City (maybe even Snowce City) before you're supposed to be there, allowing a player to completely bypass some Trainers (particularly the trek from Snowce to Drakebreath). I am taking the opportunity to get a LOT of my mapping done, however, so I can concentrate just on the walkthrough by that point. Once Drakebreath and 416 are generally done, it's back to the power station and I'll continue my walkthrough (and that is WITHOUT the Fly trigger in Drakebreath activated).

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