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    I'm trying to get a Chancy with perfect (or near-perfect) IVs in Special Defense and HP for my team (and perhaps a decent IV in Speed wouldn't be bad), but I haven't had any luck yet. I'm pretty sure I understand how EV training works, but I just can't get the hang of breeding for IVs. I've been reading online guides and I thought I understood it, but I was obviously wrong.

    I'm gonna try to explain what I did earlier tonight (in a spoiler below, for the sake of not having a super long post) and maybe somebody can tell me what I did wrong. I'm not sure what I'm missing here.

    I hatched the Happiny egg that was given to me at the gate connecting Nacrene City and Route 3. I let that Happiny hold an Oval Stone and used a Rare Candy to evolve her. We'll just call her Chancy A for now.

    I caught a bunch of Ditto, getting one with a near-perfect IV in Special Defense (30 IV) and another with a near-perfect IV in HP (29 IV). We'll call them Ditto A and Ditto B for now, respectively.

    I let Ditto A hold the Power Band (in hopes of transferring its near-perfect Special Defense IV to the child) with Chancy A, making a batch of three eggs. These eggs hatched into a new batch of Chancy that had the same IV in Special Defense, and I kept one of those that'll be named Chancy B for now.

    Then, I did the Single Battle Subway and bought myself the Power Weight with the BP I earned and gave that item to Ditto B (in hopes of transferring its near-perfect HP IV to the next batch of eggs). I gave Chancy B the Power Band this time around, thinking that the third batch of Chancy will keep Chancy B's Special Defense IV and Ditto B's HP IV.

    I hatched five eggs from this couple, but none of them gave me the results I thought I'd get: Two Chancy from that batch gained Ditto B's near-perfect HP IV, two Chancy gained Chancy B's near-perfect Special Defense IV, and the last Chancy had Ditto B's near-perfect HP IV and a decent Attack IV (which was pretty random to me).

    Feel free to reply to this thread, or even send me a PM if you'd prefer, to explain where I've gone wrong. I'd love it if somebody could help me out! Thanks for any help you can give! I'm new to any sort of "advanced breeding" and EV training, so I apologize if I'm missing something super obvious.

    One last thing, is there any way to legitimately obtain a flawless Ditto? I'm convinced that it isn't possible, but I always like to be completely sure of these things.
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