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    The Story:

    - I finally after long and hard training evolved Salvador

    - After beating Burgh's Gym, I head to Desert Resort to catch my next pokemon.

    - I Gain a Smart Alec Sandile Named Drake in the relic castle and a Sassy Darumaka Named Blanche.

    - I also gained the Cover fossil as a gift.

    - Reggie Evolves into a Leavanny

    - Walter had a close call thanks to a Herdier (Critical hit from full life to 1 Hp)

    - Defeat N and learned his Dark Secrets

    - I then catch three more pokemon. A Brash Tranquill Named Charlotte, The Lazy Solosis, Xilo (Male)
    and the Rasher Minccino, Eve. I Keep them in the box for now as back up.

    Next Order of Business:

    Train Drake till he is a High enough level for the Nimbasa Gym

    Get Blanche to par with the rest of the party.

    Get more Back up Pokemon.

    Get every member to at least level 30 ( In Party )


    Heals That I used:
    Accumula Town
    Nacrene City 2X
    Striaton City 2X
    Day Care
    Castelia City 1X
    Nimbasa City 1X

    Heals that I Have:
    Nurse X 2
    Route 4
    Castelia City 1X
    Nimbasa City 1X


    My Team

    Walter, Level 27

    Razor Shell
    Water Pulse
    Focus Energy

    Reggie , Level 28

    Bug Bite
    Razor Leaf

    Salvador, Level 26

    Heart Stamp
    Air Cutter

    Drake, Level 26

    Sand Tomb

    Blanche (Female) , Level 21

    Fire Fang


    Lucian The Pansear Lvl. 10
    Charlotte The Tranquill Lvl. 21
    Xilo The Solosis Lvl. 19
    Eve The Mincccino Lvl.19


    Badges Earned

    Trio Badge

    Basic Badge

    Insect Badge
    The Deceased....

    Diego, The Audino [Level 8 - Level 12]

    Charlie, The Tympole [Level 12 - Level 18]