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    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    The reason they made Spiritomb part-Dark was due to one of its Pokedex entries mentioning mischief and misdeeds, which is one of the things Dark-types are known for. In fact, if you look at most Dark-type attacks, they tend to be based on trickery like stealing, cruelty and pragmatism.

    However, I still think Spiritomb has an interesting design and origin behind it, and given it has 108 spirits, its Sinnoh Dex number being 108 and weighing 108kg if you go by metric. Spiritomb actually has a big association towards the number 108, according to this quote on TV Tropes:

    And I didn't even know it had 108 base for both of its defenses until reading TV Tropes.
    That does make sense. Spiritomb is part Ghost-type for being made up of 108 spirits, and part Dark-type for the misdeeds of those 108 spirits. But if the Dark-type can be representative of dark natures like misdeeds and mischief, I wonder what other Pokemon could have potentially been Dark-types?
    So that's what is so significant about the number 108. That's actually pretty interesting. I like it when Pokemon end up teaching you something cool like that
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