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Patrick McCallion - New Bark Town Pokemon Laboratory

'Please come in and take a seat! And take this towel to dry yourself off.' The man in the coat said nicely whilst handing him a towel. 'Would you like some hot chocolate?'
Patrick nodded while walking over to the sofa. Patrick takes off his Scarf and T-shirt and begins to dry his hair and body with the towel. The man laughed at his naive nature. Patrick wrapped the towel around his neck while he looked at the lab. He seen so many important looking people.

'Wow, there's alot of people...I wonder where they are from? I sure hope their familes are okay...I hope my mom and dad are too...I'm sure they've got those guys with them...' thought Patrick as he turned to Skarmory. Skarmory seemed to be a little sulky because of it still being wet from the rain. Patrick started drying off Skarmory's armoured skin with his towel. 'Jasmine has kept you in such good condition, huh Skarmory? You flew so fast through the sky too! I hope I can battle against you whenever I battle Jasmine!' Skarmory looked at Patrick and nodded giving out a cry.

The lab coat man returned with Patrick's hot chocolate and another man with a black top hat and a red triangular object hanging from his neck. Patrick seemed to be attracted to the object and kept starring at it.

'Here you go, young man. Fresh coco, made with fresh chocolate beans from Hoenn and Moomoo whipped cream start from Olivine Ranch.' cheerfully said the lab coat man.
'Olivine Ranch? That's near where I live! Their stuff is always super yummy! Especially their Miltank steaks!' announced Patrick with a smile as he takes his first sip. The two men both looked at Patrick in distraught, then at each other and laughed.

'Ahh, what a charming young lad you are! Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Professor Elm, I am the Regional Pokemon Professor of the Johto Region and I have a PHd in Pokemon breeding and Evolution. And this man is Mr. Pokemon, he is a colleague of mine who researches Rare Pokemon findings.' Explained Elm while fixing his glasses. 'For instance, the recent weather outbreaks that has occurred is due to Legendary Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre. We are aware of this because of Mr. Pokemon's previous research about them with Hoenn's Weather Institute.'

'Without boring you with all these details, why don't you tell us about yourself?' Mr. Pokemon intrupted.

Putting down his empty mug, wiping off his chocolate mustache, he shakes his head to fix his hair. 'I'm Patrick McCallion. I came from Olivine City. The storm had just hit there a few hours ago... I was lucky to get out of there while I did. I lost both my parents in a tidal wave, but I'm sure they are okay. My parents are good trainers. They have powerful Pokemon that could help them through that wave...' Skarmory lowered it's head offering Patrick some sympathy and started nudging him a little. With a strange expression on his face Patrick looks at the two professor's.

'Umm, if you don't mind me asking this but have we met before?' Patrick asked curiously. 'I don't think we have?' Elm replied 'I would definitely remember seeing someone like you.' 'Are you sure? 'Cause this all seems familiar to me.. Like it's happened before...weird...' 'You must have a case of Deja Vú. Don't worry it happens to us all.' Elm laughed.

Mr. Pokemon looked at the Skarmory's condition and could see it's strength. 'I can see that you must be quite the trainer if your Skarmory looks this impressive.'

'Huh? No no this Skarmory isn't mine. It's Miss Jasmine's Skarmory.'

'Jasmine? The Olivine City Gym Leader Jasmine? Is she friends of yours?' asked Elm.

'Yeah! Me and Jasmine are good friends! She is also my mentor, and my rival too! We made a promise to battle whenever I become a powerful trainer! This is why she told Skarmory to take me here.'

Professor Elm looks at the boy. He scratches his chin and takes note in how passionate and strong he was being just after the major disaster. 'Patrick.' Elm asked curiously. 'How much do you know about Pokemon?' 'I know quite alot about Steel-Types! They have really high defences and their moves are super-effective against Rock and Ice Types.' Elm smirked, 'so tell me about Grass-Types? What are they weak against? What are they strong against?' Patrick became a little hesitant. 'Umm...Grass-Types...They are weak to Fire..Flying.. and...' As Patrick kept trying to think of what were good counters to a Grass-Type, Elm fired more questions at him. 'What type is immune to Ground moves? What is the 2 Fighting-Type Moves which are powerful but have a bad effect on the user? What Pokemon can have the ability Motor Drive?' Patrick attempted answering the questions as best as he could, but he wasn't very knowledgeable in what he was learning.

Feeling discouraged, Elm smiled at Patrick. 'You lack alot of potential required to become a true Pokemon Trainer young man. But, with a little hard work and dedication you can rise to the tops and become a remarkable trainer. I don't know if that Deja Vú of yours is a sign, but I have decided to make your promise to Jasmine closer than you think.' Mr. Pokemon chuckled and looked at Patrick. 'Really, you letting him have a starter? He doesn't have the same heart that Gold had or the same soul that Silver had.' 'Mr. Pokemon, please Patrick seems to have spirit. However I must request your assistance Patrick. As you can imagine the disasters have highly damaged the towns and cities. I estimate for the next year or so, we will be rebuilding the town. But I have decided give you the chance to become all that you can be by giving you a Starter Pokemon.' Patrick was listening to Elm's request, he couldn't understand that they had just met, but he wanted Patrick's help rebuilding a city. But in a way he felt honoured.

'Where's my manners...Patrick will you give me your help? I promise this will be rewarding you in every way.' Elm asked looking at the boy. 'Professor, I know I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box. But I know how to not give up an opportunity like this!'. Elm reaches out to him to shake his hand. Patrick meets him half way and shakes his hand.

Elm gets up and walks over to his computer, he types in a selection of codes which astounds Patrick and makes him giddy. After Elm finishes his typing, he opens up a storage unit containing 10 small Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Elm puts the contents into a black back-pack with 5 potions. He then lifts 4 larger Pokeballs out from another section of the unit and throws them up in the air. He reaches in again and lifts another 3 and throws them up also.

'Introducing, the unique starter Pokemon of the Johto Region!' Once the light that flashed from the balls began taking their form. It revealed everyone of the Pokemon. Patrick's jaw dropped. Professor Elm pulls a random curtain to reveal a catwalk to present the Pokemon to Patrick in a...impressive way. Elm pulls out his cue cards and a microphone, as each of the Pokemon take their places.

'Beginning with the cheerful, evergreen delight, Chikorita! The Leaf Pokemon!' Chikorita pounced up the catwalk, spinning the leaf on it's head like a helicopter. 'This Pokemon is a Grass Type Pokemon, with access to alot of status moves in it's movepool. Great for improving it's battling standard.' Patrick clapped as he waited for the next Pokemon.

'Next is the sleepy, hot desire, Cyndaquil! The Fire Mouse Pokemon!' Cyndaquil shyly walked up the catwalk. As it got to the posing position it bursted the flames out from it's back. 'Cyndaquil are faster and powerful! They were popular amongst trainers in Johto, as New Bark Town's very own Gold used one!' Patrick's eyes were gleaming, a Fire-Type would be perfect for Jasmine!

'Next is the excited, slippery dancer, Totodile! The Big Jaw Pokemon!' Totodile danced it's way up the catwalk at full speed, jumping in the air fluttering it's feet keeping it in the air for quite a while. 'Totodile are loyal Water-Types, they get more powerful and dependable when they grow. Trained right and they can utilize Ice Moves!' Patrick nods as he sees how useful Totodile could be.

'Now we have the cute, cuddly glutton, Teddiursa! The Little Bear Pokemon!' Teddiursa appoarched the top of the catwalk and looked at Patrick's eyes. It tilted it's head and bit it's claw striking a extremely cute pose. Patrick's heart explodes with admiration for the Teddy bear. 'Teddiursa are sneaky little Pokemon that will do anything for their food.' Patrick's love for the Pokemon died as it didn't like the sounds of it stealing food. 'But once fully evolved this Pokemon will be one of your most reliable Pokemon.'

'We now have the fluffy, soft shocking, Mareep! The Wool Pokemon!' Mareep comes out and waddles toward the front as it shakes it's coat releasing sparks of electricity. 'This little cutey packs a wallop and can take that wallop straight back, as most of the attacks it takes doesn't penetrate the thick wooly coat around it's body.' Patrick didn't get any 'sparks' from Mareep.

'Next is the round, bouncy, swimmer, Marill! The Aqua Mouse!' Marill walked down the catwalk swinging it's tail around looking so happy. Patrick wasn't really impressed as it looked like a downgrade from Totodile. 'Marill's are unique as the little ball on their tail contains an oil that keeps Marill floating! And it's pre-evo is a Normal-Type! Why? No one knows...'

'Last but not least, is the energetic, jolly tough, Phanpy! The Long Nose Pokemon!' Phanpy ran up the catwalk tooting it's snout as it looked at Patrick. Patrick's eyes lit up as he stood up he looked right at Phanpy, and Phanpy back at him. It's like...they knew each other before, like a long awaited reunion. Phanpy jumped straight down to the ground and lifted Patrick up off his feet and onto it's back.

'Professor! I want Phanpy! Something about it, just makes me want to be his friend!' declared Patrick he got off of Phanpy. He crouched to Phanpy's level. 'Phanpy do you want to offer me the priviledge of being my Starter Pokemon?' Phanpy cheered and danced as it rushed over to Patrick and picked him up on it's back again. The two professors laughed as they approached Patrick.

'So Phanpy it is? Would you like to give it a Nickname?' asked Elm. 'Nope, Phanpy is Phanpy!' Patrick cheered. Elm nodded. 'Now Patrick, at this point. I would offer you, your beginner's Pokemon backpack. But I'll give that to you when your ready to leave us. We will have everything you need. I will mentor you also, just to prepare you for what is coming ahead. Most trainers don't have the luxury of spending a year to bond with their starter before setting off. My house is actually conveniently above this laboratory so make yourself at home!'

Patrick looks at the Professor, then at Phanpy. He couldn't express how happy he was. Skarmory walks over after the whole scene and looks straight at Phanpy, analysing it. Patrick, Elm and Mr. Pokemon sensed the energy between these two Pokemon. With one final look Skarmory smiled and flew towards the door of the lab. It flew up and off to Olivine. Patrick and Phanpy ran outside where it was still heavily raining. 'SKARMORY!! I WILL BEAT YOU!! NOW MAKE SURE JASMINE IS SAFE!!'. With that Skarmory couldn't be seen. Patrick and Phanpy went back inside. Phanpy shook and tooted it's snout at Patrick. Elm smiled and as horror strikes his face.

'PATRICK!!' What is it Professor?' 'Put back on your shirt!! Be decent!!'
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