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    N had a Zoroark in the last battle, not a Zorua. You get to find all of his Pokemon except the ones he used in the final battle. No one says whether he released them or kept them, but he owned a Zoroark in B/W.

    Only time a Zorua was shown was in his Flashback which was believed to be the Zoroark from his team, but it can't be since it was such a low level when given to you in B2W2. The Zoroark belonged guarding the castle belonged to N and was waiting for his Master's return.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    In fact, they cared about him more than the others, I wouldn't go as far as saying they were freaked out...
    He was talking about N's real parents, not Concordia and Athena. The two told us that N had two HUMAN parents that were freaked out by his powers. Which was why he was abandoned and abused. N sought refuge in the Pokemon from a nearby forest and grew to hate humans for the hatred of his powers.
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