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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Toxic being spread to all Pokemon is most likely because of animals and objects being able to carry diseases that make you sick. Bites from any wild animal can have rabies or bacteria which causes you to become sick.

    The Komodo Dragon are well known for their bites since they have many different types of disease carrying microbes in their mouths that when they bite you, if you don't get some sort of shot right away, you could lose the limb just for that.

    Then for the inanimate, you have bacteria that settles on dirty surfaces, when handled improperly you can make yourself sick.

    I think that's why Toxic is a Universal TM.

    There is only one other move that I can think of that can inflict Badly Poisoned and its strictly to Poisonous Pokemon.
    Hmm...ok I see where your coming from. And i cant see it as impossible for pokemon to generate poisons.

    But the komodo dragon would already be considered a poison type(in relating to pokemon) due to its natural infectous bacteria. Dirty surfaces and rabies and what not were not originally there to begin with thus making the concept of them learning toxic would be situational. Moreover if that were the case, shouldnt just learning toxic be harmful to the pokemon if its relating to a deseise or infection that has entered it? Given tm's dont exist, as they dont in the anime, I dont see it possible for a pokemon to be able to use(or in this case) spread toxic without harming themselves severely. But given tm's do exist all of what i just said is negated, however its still questionable of how toxic tm gives pokemon the abillity to spread toxic status. Whether its giving the some kind of deseise to spread(harmful to them) or giving them a trait that contracts poison like bacteria on claws or something(not harmful) I doubt the former would be legal.