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    Okay so basicly you encounter a wild pokemon and somehow make them angry. Assuming you have no pokemon on you, your job is to figure a way out in one peice with everything you might have had at the time but no pokemon that are in your possesion can be used assuming you have none. A loop hole would be using other pokemon that are possibly in the surrounding area.

    I'll give an example

    1st Person: *Gives a scenario including a pokemon of their choice*
    2nd Person: *figures a way out* *Gives the scenario of the next person*
    And so on.

    I'll start it off:

    Your strolling through the woods until you see a delightful apple tree. Wanting a snack you climb the tree for an apple. The juiciest apple you find at the tippy top is just barely in your reach but you slip off the tree and roll down a grassy hill at an alarming speed. Just before you hit the painfull bottom you luckily land on the bouncy belly of a big snorlax that breaks your fall. However the snorlax waking up from its sleep and groaning with annoyance...~

    Remember be creative, and all PC rules apply.
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