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Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
Creame - I don't really need all that much. If you don't have anything, I'll just give it to you. Which gen?
Wow! That would be AMAZING. Generation 5 is preferred if not too much trouble.
What can I get you for these?

UT Male Aerodactyl Flawless Lv. 1 [Jolly] Pressure - Taunt|Rock Slide|Earthquake|Stealth Rock

Twilightblade's Female Togekiss Lv. ~ [Calm] Serene Grace
OT: Blade
Aura Sphere|Air Slash|Thunder Wave|Roost
IVs - 31/6/28/31/31/31
EVs - 252 HP|4 Def|252 SpD

Mew Lv. ~ [Careful] Synchronize
OT: FAL2010
IVs - 31/31/31/31/31/31
EVs - None
Note: UT version available

I am having the hardest time choosing from your shop! Haha I love most of it!
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