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Do my eyes decieve me?
Blissey with EVs in Attack? My god, why? o.O And with Adamant nature?
Not to mention Lucky Egg... The best item... but for in-game playing, totally useless in competitive. You should replace it with Leftrovers or something like that
As for the attacks... As attacking move Blissey must either use Seismic Toss or something that uses her pretty decent Sp.Att. EQ is totally useless on her.

I would give up on Blissey if I were you... your Blissey is useless with the set she has now.

Your Poliwrath... Payback + Quick Claw is risky... since Payback's advantage lies in its 100 Power if it's used after opponent moves. If your Quick Claw works, you attack with 50 BP attack which isn't really enough as Poliwrath does not have Technician...

Overally... you are depending too much on HP EVs without moves that would use them (by that I mean stalling)... It's one thing do a EV training but the second is to distribute EVs in correct stats...
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