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Rising Rebellion

Can you keep a secret?

It's 2024, and things are very different. Despite things been much more advanced, slavery is existent.Slaves are not allowed to have pokemon, just work with them. If you're not a slave you're probably still somewhat poor. People no longer go on pokemon journeys, gyms have been completely removed. When you turn six you get your first pokemon, for protection and as a pet/friend, and you usually get to chose out of many pokemon for that. But from there your parents/guardians have to buy you pokemon if you are to receive anymore.

Things are like this because the government officials find it more efficient, they feel like lives will last longer without pokemon battles and long traveling, and more work will get done if slaves are around, but they are not to be mistreated- though sometimes they are anyways. They want to improve the world for safer and ‘better’ living, rather than ‘dangerous’ and ‘pour living’.

Very few people have more than three or four pokemon, and they're normally adults who have bought them themselves. Pokemon battles are completely forbidden. Pokemon are used as companions, or slaves sometimes. Battling was ruled out in 2016, so most people are over not being able to battle, although some still have the desire to battle on, though they don't. Laws are too strict right now, almost no one dares to break them.

The odd thing is, recently they started noticing some teenagers with some, 'strange' abilities. They haven't quite figured out where the abilities are coming from, but they have decided that they don't want them around the normal kids, so they are sent to a school just for mutants in Johto. They are seen as disgusting mistakes by most of the staff, seeing as they aren't normal, and the government likes to keep things calm and normal. They aren't treated well, but the meals are good, as they don't want them to die so they can test them.

The mutants are tested once a week, blood work, physical tests, 'health' tests, etc. Thankfully for them the nurses are nice, and have sympathy for them. Most of the students - there are only around 50 of them - actually look forward to what they call 'Mutation Test Day'. They actually live on-campus in dorm-rooms, two people per room. The government officials didn't pay attention to gender, so opposite genders in dorms aren't so uncommon. They all know if they 'do anything' and someone finds out they'll be in huge trouble anyway.

The kids didn’t know they were being watched by others than the government officials. They had no idea that unknown rebellion leaders were watching them, trying to pick out the strongest few. Trying to assemble a team, but not of many so they would never notice everyone being missing all the time. They finally narrowed it down to eight people, and pulled them together. They gave them all a team of pokemon to train down in the unknown rooms beneath the school where the rebellion leaders lived.

Now it’s their job to rebel, to set things right. To gain everyone’s freedom back, to let people live their lives again, break slavery. It’s their job to save everyone from the boring, almost pointless lives they seemed to be living. Even if it costs them everything they have, even if it costs them their lives.

You are one of these ‘mutant students’. You are part of the rebellion team. You have now gained a team of six pokemon, as the roleplay starts.


1. No Godmodding or bunnying unless given permission by either me or the user you’re doing so with.
2. No ‘mary-sues’. I will reject you for it. I’m not going to be mean about it, but you know, no over-powerful characters, no wings (I’m sorry, but seriously.), no model looks, etc.
3. I will say, although I’ll probably regret it later, that odd eye color and hair color is fine, since we’re ‘mutants’. Nothing over the top though.
4. I would prefer you not to use shapeshifting into any other species, just changing your appearance to look/sound like a different human is fine, but not like, pokemon or anything please.
5. I’ll try to keep a list on here of the used powers, and I’d prefer no one have the same powers, but I guess I can’t really stop you.
6. Please only join if you know you can be committed. If you’re in multiple roleplays, first of all you may get overwhelmed and we definitely don’t want that. (I’ve made this mistake before) Plus, my roleplays tend to have fast times and slow times, I don’t want any complaining about fast times, if you can’t keep up, then you know, I’m sorry but it’s not my fault.
7. Please don’t make your character amazingly good at something unless it’s part of their mutation and it makes SENSE.
8. You can have TWO (no more than two) powers. And I will be the judge of them, to see if they seem like more than two. And there has to be problems with these powers (like my character has trouble controlling hers because of her emotions)
9. Alright, so you CAN choose your team. But I have to approve of it. A pokemon can only be used twice (as in one user can have one and another user can have one) and in your team you can only have ONE pokemon that someone else has.
10. Absolutely NO text talk. At all. (Example: “She sk8ed to th3 park loling.” Would be, “She skated to the park laughing.”
11. In-roleplay I see my character no better than any of yours, she isn’t any more ‘special’ than the rest of the characters.
12. No cussing, period. ‘Crap, freak, fudge, shiz, dang’, that stuff is okay. But not the actual cusswords.
13. Romance is fine, and encouraged. (I definitely want my character to end up in a relationship) but nothing past normal kissing.
12. Have fun! There is no use being in a roleplay that you don’t enjoy. I really hope I don’t seem to strict.

Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: (First and last required, middle optional)
Gender: (No brainer here folks.)
Age: (14-16)
Powers: (No more than two, absolutely no exceptions. And I will be a little bit strict about these, because this is mostly where we run into problems)
Team: (Six pokemon, six. It has to be six due to the circumstances. They can be from any region, multiple regions, anything, just no legendary or extremely rare pokemon. Again, no exceptions there. The moves don’t have to be listed, just please don’t name a lot of moves in the roleplay.)
Appearance: (At least one 5-7 sentence paragraph, must contain hair color, eye color, skin tone, height, and clothes, anything else is optional.)
Personality: (At least one 5-7 sentence paragrah. Tell us about your character, how they act. Their attitude and such. )
Advantages: (Up to three non-abnormal things they’re really good with.)
Faults: (At least two things they’re bad with.)
History: (At least one 6-8 sentence paragraph. Tell us about your character’s past.)
Other: (Anything that we haven’t covered goes here.)

More Information You Should Be Aware Of:

This roleplay will start as the characters are given their pokemon. They’re all roomates, so each of them know at least one other character. They will be allowed to enter and leave the ‘Rebellion Guild Headquarters’ as they please, except during class of course, unless it’s an absolute emergency. Talking about the guild outside of the headquarters is not an option, even to each other. More on that when the roleplay starts.



1. April Reid - Miley810 accepted
2. Button Henries - Darkpokeball accepted

Taken Powers:


1. The power to change the shape of an object.
2. Siren (being able to control people by singing)
3. Seeing the future.
4. Seeing the past.

Used Pokemon


(April's team)

1. Glaceon (Can be used once more.)
2. Cyndiquil (Can be used once more.)
3. Ampharos (Can be used once more.)
4. Ralts (Can be used once more.)
5. Pachirisu (Can be used once more.)
6. Azurill (Can be used once more.)

(Button's Team)

1. Riolu (Can be used once more.)
2. Growlithe (Can be used once more)
3. Oshawott (Can be used once more.)
4. Abra (Can be used once more.)
5. Bulbasaur (Can be used once more.)
6. Pikachu (Can be used once more.)

My Character:

Name: April Reid
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Powers: By touching anything she can change it's shape. She is a siren, there for (sometimes, this power she isn't very good with), control people by singing.(This may change a bit as she gets stronger, she may be able to change color or durability, for instance. Nothing too god-moddy though.) Her powers are limited by her emotions.



Nickname: Indigo


Nickname: Haden


Nickname: Lady


Nickname: Kaden


Nickname: Princess


Nickname: Penelope

Appearance: April's hair is light blonde and covers her right eye, reaching her shoulder blades. She covers one eye because her eyes are two separate colors, her left light green and her right blue (she has Heterochromia Iridum). Her skin is slightly pale. She tends to wear a white baseball cap to keep her hair in place. She wears a white t-shirt with a light green sown on cloth vest, white knee length cargo pants, and grey furry boots. She's fairly skinny and stands about 5"4.

Personality: April is shy. She hates disappointing and/or upsetting people. She can be very brave, but it usually takes talking her into it just a little bit. She's normally calm, but easily worried. She worries about others more than herself though. It takes a lot to get her mad, but when she is mad she's like a hurricane, not afraid to fight, yell, or speak her mind unlike she normally does. She normally can ignore taunting or bullying, but after a good while from the same person or multiple people she will snap, hard. She has trouble controlling her emotions on the inside though.

Advantages: When she's met you she really cares about you, doesn't want to see you hurt. She puts others before herself. She's good with pokemon.

Faults: She isn't good at controling her emotions, which affects her powers, majorly. She freaks out easily, even if she doesn't show it. She's really shy and takes some pep-talk to get her into brave mode. If you make her mad it's not a pretty sight.

History: April grew up in a well loving family for the first seven years of her life, but when she turned eight her family couldn't afford to have her anymore and she was sent to a orphanage, where she was adopted quickly, as most kids are, but a few months later her family were forced into slavery, and for three years she was a slave, and the calluses on her hands and scar on her left arm show it. She was beaten by her 'owners' three times pretty bad, and her adoptive six year old sister, but she doesn't let it get to her, truly happy that 'Jane' escaped it all.

She was eleven when she was helped out of slavery, and was homeschooled from there. Her family finally was able to afford to send her to a public school when she was fifteen, but that's when things got bad. On her first day she was walking along the hall of the brand new built school, and she touched a pane of unmarked glass, and it completely shattered at her nervous touch. She apologized many times, so upset at herself, but the next thing she knew she was being handcuffed by government officials and forced to swallow a pill that knocked her out. When she woke up she was at the school for mutants.

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