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    I absolutely love the game. The new areas of Unova are amazing. My only problems come from the Gyms and E4 and champ.

    Gyms -
    The new designs are amazing. I love them all.
    My big issue is with the trainers and the leaders.

    Gym 1 -
    All three trainers, this includes the leader, use the same two Pokemon and I find that stupid.

    Gym 2 -
    No problems

    Gym 3 -
    They could have done better with Burgh. Giving him Swadloon was absolutely stupid.

    Gym 4 -
    So many electric types and you restrict it to Elekid, Flaaffy and Blitzle. That disappoints me.

    Gym 5 -
    You have a crazy diversity of ground Pokemon and SEVEN trainers in the gym but those seven trainers (Not including Clay), use from the same three Pokemon as
    A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, ABC
    The fact that there is no Onix, Sandshrew, Palpitoad, Numel, Swinub, Gligar, etc... is so stupid.

    Gym 6 -
    No problems.

    Gym 7 -
    It's no obsticle for one, it's very straight forward and easy.
    The levels here are much higher than in BW and yet you will see Axew in the gym, the Pokemon not used in BW. At the same time, there is no Vibrava or Altaria and that bothers me as well.

    Gym 8 -
    Water is my favorite type. The fact that there is an insanely large number of water types and there is only six trainers here bothers me. There is no Seismitoad, Simipour, Crawdaunt, Dewgong, Corsola, Vaporeon, Octillery, or Lapras used in this gym. This is sad. The bigger problem with this is that you have the one trainer with two Basculin because the idea of having both coloured Basculin with the same moveset is perfectly creative (providing you ignore nearly 50-60% of the fishers in the game before the post game) The gym leader having Wailord seems stupid and only using three Pokemon is sad. Mantine being the challenge mode addition doesn't make it any better.

    E4 -
    Good. I can see the addition of Drifblim over Jellicent thanks to Marlon and I respect it.

    Now that the past gens mix in and you have Umbreon, Crawdaunt, Absol, Drapion, and Weavile, you having Liepard is no longer acceptable and keeping you old team is horrid.

    Claydol, Starmie, Lunaton, Solrock, Bronzong, Metagross, Espeon, and you keep your same team from before. You should be ashamed of yourself. Needs more Starmie and maybe even Claydol.

    Haracross, Toxicroak and Lucario. There is no more excuse for having Throh and Sawk when numerous normal trainers have them.

    Hydreigon, Haxorous and Lapras are good. It's a good team, really, but I think Tyranitar should be there over either Druddigon or Archeops, maybe Drud to mix that annoying sand storm theme in there. Maybe give her her anime Excadrill with that Tyranitar and make her a real trollful challenging champ match.

    Sorry for the ranting. I'm extremely picky and snippy with the gyms and E4 of any game. I just felt let down sort of with the Pokemon picked.
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