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It had gotten quite dark during Zayne’s trip for reconnaissance and resources (clean water) but he had eventually found a small, clean, lake and gathered water from there. He was currently returning to his cave where he intended to cook some edible nuts and seeds he had found on his trip. Something was bothering him though. The long walk had gone well and Lucario hadn’t noticed any other trainers in the immediate area yet although he had felt several further off when focusing intently, however there had been foot prints on the shore of the lake and a neat pile of small pebbles in the sand. This was concerning because it implied that another trainer was using the same water source as him and had somehow evaded detection from Lucario... perhaps this person had a more relaxed aura than others? It didn’t really matter because he had grown a small advantage from seeing the prints. He knew someone else was in the area that didn’t yet know about him, and he knew that that person had a Golduck. He had seen the tracks near the lake and was thankfully familiar with the print as he himself had a Golduck staying at a breeder’s near his home in Veilstone. He could plan for facing the water type whilst he ate.

Zayne had continued walking with his Lucario next to him for a short while when his companion stiffened. The aura pokemon had detected another trainer very close and was gesturing to a large tree about a hundred metres to right of the small clearing they were currently standing in. Zayne’s heart began to beat fast and hard... that was the direction of his makeshift home, he had to do something.
“Okay... Sceptile come on out” he whispered quietly before tossing the pokeball lightly into the air. In a flash of light the tall, green lizard-like pokemon appeared swishing his leafy tail in anticipation.
“I want you to go via the trees, quietly, and sneak up on whoever is hiding over there” he paused before adding “be careful if they’re hiding they’re expecting us. Lucario can you sneak around and get behind them?” The shorter of his two friends grunted the affirmative and the two pokemon carefully began to make their way towards the tree. Zayne continued along the same path walking straight past his foe at a casual pace, knowing that his two pokemon were closing in on his stalker from above and behind.
“Hopefully this works” he thought to himself not wanting to see either of his friends taken away.

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