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    Don't really care about the Jynx episodes not airing (considering the one is already in English and another one just seem like a filler episode, I did'nt even know anything was missing, until i went online.). And also I started to with mrs weatherford on the issue (even tho she only wrote about PKMN one time).

    If the Team Plasma episodes don't air, then I respect that. I mean I imagine myself as a young Japanese kid who prob had a friend that was waiting for the episode, but never got to see it due to them dying the next day. So I can very much understand their feelings. I did wanna see the masquerade scene tho.

    And Since the same people who dub the anime in the first season no longer dubs it, I'll just stick with the subs of the banned OS episodes.
    Now some of the side specials and shorts I don't mind being dubbed in English.