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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    The Golduck nodded at the Zoroark as his senses felt more tuned into the environment. It was a good ability to have, especially in as unfamiliar a place such as this. Penance knew that very few, and he meant very few, Gold Tribe member ever journeyed in here. From what he learned in his classes he knew that only those that lead the Gold Tribe would be allowed inside and would even write down the history of what was happening in the Gold Tribe. As they proceeded in further and further they passed various statues of older Gold Tribe member. Once they got to the library Penance was still on edge. They hadn't encountered anyone in here yet and he just KNEW that someone had to be in here. Maybe a single ancient that the Silver Tribe had left behind.... or perhaps a Silver Tribe member who was waiting for them. Yet, everything was intact here. The library didn't look touched at all, and he would have thought that the Silver Tribe would have at least burned or destroyed parts of the history of the Gold Tribe.

    With the help of the extrasensory Penance managed to feel another presence. He quickly whirled around to see a figure in there with them. How the figure managed to get into the tomb as well was quickly answered when Penance noticed the medallion that was hanging from his neck. A Gold Tribe emblem that seemed rather old. That meant either it was passed down like Kivir's was, or it had been stolen. But... if it had been stolen then this pokemon must have gotten in here to steal it from a grave which would be impossible without a symbol in the first place.

    Everyone, keep your eyes sharp. He wears a emblem, but that doesn't mean he is a brother. He could be someone in disguise.

    He waited a bit before speaking. "What is your affiliation and why are you here?" He asked sternly as he readied two Water Pulses. "So much as move and I won't hesitate to take you down."