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Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
Nice to hear you had lots of fun playing it
If you want to "complete" the beta, there are probably still a couple of things you haven't done yet (including finding 4 of the missing Pages and defeating "King of the Sea"). But even these aren't really made to be done at this point in the game yet but you can either way.

What I regret though is that it's getting more and more likely you won't be able to continue to beta 4 with beta 3 save because of all minor additions I'll be doing to improve the beginning of the game (mainly up to Greenwood Town or so). Or you actually pretty much can but will encounter minor bugs here and there if you do.
Yeah, I've only found one page, I'll go searching for the rest. And I do have one question.. Why is the Squirtle you encounter shiny, but not the Bulbasaur or Charmander?
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