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Golden Catacombs

“Affiliation…?” The figure said, as if pondering the question. By a whiff of the mystery Pokemon’s arm, light was suddenly poured through the room, revealing the large library in full. It was stack with books and scrolls of all kind. Shelves lay across with all manner of records in them. The room seemed to extend for at least a kilometer. This was truly a library, if Zane had ever seen one. But more importantly, the sudden brightness of light revealed the identity of the Pokemon who greeted them. As Zane’s eyes adjusted to the light, he saw an Alakazam, and old one by the looks of it. His medallion was indeed the same one that Kivir had, he was sure of it now. He had his hand on his chin, apparently still pondering Defender’s last question. “Affilliation…no, I’m sorry. I’m afraid I just don’t know how to answer that question. Affiliation would apply association, and I couldn’t say I’ve been associated with any individual for so long…” His eyes carried over to the scrolls “…ah! The books! I am affiliated with the books. Yes, that is my allegiance.”

Zane looked over some of the others, wondering their reaction to this, before speaking. “Who exactly are you?”

“Who? Who I am…who am I? It’s been so long…so long since I’ve had to say…you know, I can’t quite remember by name…” The old Alakazam placed an arm again to his chin, as if to contemplate the supposedly simple question of his identity. After pacing a few steps back, he turned his attention back to the group, as if almost forgetting that they were there, and only suddenly remembering. “If you must, you may simply call me the Guardian, the Architect, the Keeper. Pick your title. I am all of these…I am all of these…and yet…in a way I am none of them…Once, a long time ago, longer than I can comprehend, I was one of you, a member of the…tribe…but I digress, you have not come here to ask who, have you? No, no…it has been many years since anyone has come to ask ‘who’…no you’ve come to ask ‘what’ and ‘why’ and ‘how’, have you not? What…the initial question. More specifically: what has happened? What occurred? This is often followed by why. Why did this occur? Why did this happen? And in the conclusion of such questioning, one is posed the most central one: How? How can this be stopped? How can we reverse this? How can we win?”

Zane stared at the Alakazam curiously. He seemed to be lost a bit, and because of that, Zane wasn’t sure if he should take him seriously. But he did appear to be familiar with the situation they had. Did this old, perhaps senile Pokemon have any idea what he was talking about?

“Do you know why we are here, then?”

“Mmm…no, no. I wouldn’t say that. At least, I wouldn’t know your specific circumstance. I simply know the usual agenda of those who pass by here. They either put something in, or they seek to take something out. Knowledge. Since those who recently came here last had put something in, I assume that you have come to take something out. At least…I think…it was recent? Forgive me, time seems to pass by here quite quickly sometimes…or is it slowly? Hmm, something I should ponder on later…Nevertheless, that is usually the process. One comes to give knowledge…the next comes to seek it...Ah…but I cannot say I have the answers to all of these questions. In fact, I cannot say I know any of the answers that apply to your situation specifically. Many have come with their circumstances, and I have shown them the direction to their answers. But this place…” He said, extending his arms across the grand hall slowly being visible by light now shining through it. “…this place has your answer. The Grand Library.”

The Alakazam looked back over to the Gold Tribe, scanning them over before his eyes landed on Guardia. “You…you have his face. Strong and proud he was, like many before him. An air of charisma and loyalty he commanded. Yet his thoughts were muddled with the concerns of the outside. He feared what was to come. But he wanted to do something about it. Here he stood where I stand now. He was the last to come.”

Zane and Guardia exchanged looks. They had a good idea who he was talking about. It had to be Rey.

“My father?” Guardia asked. “Rey? He was here? When?”

“Mmm…apologies, time evades me here sometimes. I think it was yesterday. No! Wait, a week ago. Perhaps….a month? Maybe a year…” The Alakazam turned away from them, and began to pace back and forth. “I must meditate on this answer…” He looked back at them, as if remembering they were there. “Oh! The scrolls of the recent times will be on the latter side of the room. Good luck, noble ones…” The Alakazam began walking away, mumbling something under his breath, thought Zane could distinctly make some of it out as counting dates in his head. Zane shook his head, then looked back at the group.

“He was here! Rey was here. I think we’re on to something here…we’d better split up and see what we can find on that side of the library. Look for dates of things that were in the last few years.” Zane suddenly remember his dreams. “Actually, anything from the last 100 years could be useful. Anything related to the Order of Neoverse too. Also, any mentions of…small objects or things like that, that could be useful too. Let us know if you find anything. Anything at all that might be useful.”

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