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    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    Check the bit-rate of the mp3 file. If it is something like 320 kbps it won't work. I had the same problems. I found that 128 kbps works the best with RMXP, but if you want higher quality, 220 kbps worked for me as well. I haven't tested out too many mp3 files, but higher than that, never worked for me.

    If the problem is what I suggested, Audacity can easily export your mp3 files in 128 kbps bit-rate.
    I've tried that... I've tried using midis, using .ogg... nothing works. It isn't script, it isn't pbs, it isn't the audio file. No matter what I do, regular trainer bgm won't play. I have no idea if a file could have gotten corrupted or something. This is the weirdest bug I faced since 2008. =/
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