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    Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
    Thanks for taking over for me. Responsibility is not my strong point and I don't come here nearly as often. Good luck with the club, dude!
    No problem! I'll try my best to keep this club going! :D

    Now, the new topic:

    I absolutely LOVE Charizard's shiny sprite!!! It look's so freakin' awesome with those deep-red wings... I spent months trying to breed a shiny Charmander, as well as SRing on my LeafGreen for who knows how long...
    Before Hydreigon came around, it was the closest thing I could get to having a black dragon, since I didn't really feel like restarting my Ruby to try and SR for a shiny Rayquaza.

    Rayquaza has an awesome 'black dragon' sprite too! That yellow on it kinda reminds me of an Umbreon.

    Lugia and Ho-Oh have great shiny sprites as well. I wish I had the patience to SR for them... Ahhh, I adore shiny Ho-oh's wings....

    Random thing, but I noticed that a lot of shinies in Gen 2 are pink... Probably because of original GameBoy colours. But that's getting off topic!
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