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    Originally Posted by SummerSkies View Post
    Hello, I would like to join this club.

    Favorite Pokemon:Pidgey, Starly, Taillow, Swablu, Ducklett, Rufflet, Murkrow, Spearow, and basically all bird Pokemon
    Favorite Move:Brave Bird
    Partner Pokemon and Pokemon's name:Samuel the Pidgeot
    Answer to the topic (you only have to answer one):I adore Staraptor and Braviary's shiny sprites. I love how the blue parts of the Pokemon matches with the brown parts of the Pokemon.
    Would you like to be notified when new features, games, and competitions are added to the club?No
    Welcome SummerSkies! Oh, I love that adorable little budgie in your av! I used to have a lot of budgies, but sadly many of them have since died of old age. My very first pet was a lovely blue budgie I named Lucy.

    I like bird Pokemon too. And Staraptor's and Braviary's shiny sprites are cool! That blue looks so good on Braviary, and I like that little touch of light blue on Staraptor's comb. I haven't been fortunate enough to run into a shiny Braviary or Staraptor. But I did encounter a shiny Vullaby on my Black game. If I had White instead of Black, that could've been a shiny Rufflet...

    I'd also like to add to my answer of why Winona is the toughest Flying-type Gym Leader.
    Ok, so I've been taking the World Leaders Tournamentin the PWT in White, and I've fought against Faulkner, Winona and Skyla in Rotation Battles.
    And my gosh, Winona was just as tough as I remember, even tougher. I took care of her Altaria, Sigilyph and Honchkrow easily thanks to my Hydreigon, Haxorus and Excadrill. But her Gyarados almost completely wiped me out. It has the moves Substitute, Dragon Dance, Ice Fang and Waterfall, and is holding Leftovers. She decided to just spam Ice Fang on me, which took out my Dragons. Waterfall took out my Volcarona, so I was just left with Excadrill. But rather than using Waterfall on my Excadrill, she just went ahead and spammed Ice Fang again. I thought that that would be OK at first, until Ice Fang kept making Excadrill flinch.
    Gyarados was down at a third HP thanks to my Hax (Her Gyarados was female, and my Haxorus, despite its insane attack stat, has the ability Rivalry), so all I needed was one Rock Slide to finish her off. But Excadrill would not stop flinching!
    Excadrill was on the verge of fainting when Rock Slide finally made it though and KO'd her Gyarados...
    That was one epic (and tough) battle

    Who else here has gone up against Faulkner, Winona or Skyla in the PWT?
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