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Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
My boyfriend lives in Germany and he is not happy about the Lightningrod Pikachu, lol! He was finally able to purchase White 2 about a month ago and he doesn't appreciate the "buy a game significantly after its release and get a special code" gimmick.

But anyways, I really hope the Eevee Tournament happens internationally at some point. I love Rotation battles and it would be nice to have a tournament using Pokemon that are not as competitive (and also, that C-Gear skin is stunning!).
I didn't even fully read the event for Germany's Pikachu lol XD Its the same as the Target Lucario here. Its prolly to try and boost sales in the game in that region. But yes the Eevee thing...I hope it happens Internationally. I seriously want to try to take part in it if I can. Already trying to assemble a team for it. XD
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